Is Kicks Crew A Legit Website? 100+ User Reviews (June 23)


Is kicks crew a legit website? – This article will determine whether the web page is legit. Kicks Crew is an American-based footwear company. They sell different types of footwear, namely sneakers, tennis shoes, etc., available in other brands.

To know more about the website and its legitimacy, continue reading the article, which will give you insights into customer reviews. This article will also give you an idea about the advantages and disadvantages of using this website. 

What is Kicks crew?


The web page was launched in 2021 and had since been delivering different types of sneakers and shoes. The sneakers here are of different sizes, colors, brands, etc. As you open their website, you can find they have collaborated with Damian, an American Basketball Player.

After opening their website, you can find all the latest sneakers with the picture and its prize. You can even see the brands they sell – Puma, Nike, Adidas, etc. You can even select the currency with which you want to make the purchase. 


They even have jerseys, watches, hoodies, and sneakers. Still wondering – is Kicks Crew a legit website? You will have your answer soon.

Specifications – 

  • Contact Details – by submitting your information like name, email address, order number, etc., you can get in touch with them
  • Products available – sneakers, watches, hoodies, jerseys, golf shoes, etc.
  • Social Media – Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • Installation – via google play and apple store or by scanning through code given on their site, the customers can install the app
  • Terms and conditions – they are given on the web page.
  • Return – the products can be returned only within seven days 
  • Account – you can create your account; you can’t retrieve it once you delete it.
  • Privacy Policy – the privacy policy is given in detail on their web page
  • Email id –

Pros – 

  • The web page delivers different types of sneakers with different sizes, colors, and brands.
  • They are on various social media apps.
  • You can shop on this website for different types of currencies.
  • The web page provides authentic products without dirt, scratches, or rips.
  • By logging into your account, you can track the status of your order.
  • They have Newsroom where you get all the news.
  • The web page even has a newsletter that gives all types of updates.
  • Various payment options are available.
  • You can contact the team after entering your contact details on their web page.
  • They even provide career opportunities; one can know about them after clicking on that option, which will show the available positions and locations.

Cons – 

  • You cannot order more than one item per order.
  • There is a time limit of 7 days for returning the product.
  • The website does not accept products that do not have the tags.
  • The option of gift receipt is not available on the site.
  • The company charges 15% of the cancellation fee when canceling any product.

What are the user reviews?

Let us see the reviews given by the customers of this website- 

Positive Reviews- 

  • A customer has given a 5-star rating. She ordered a pair of shoes, found to be in good and fit condition, and the customer made that purchase recently.
  • Another customer found the products on the site incredible, mainly the shoes, and reviewed re-purchasing.
  • The packing done by the company was liked by another customer who has also given a 5-star rating.

Negative Reviews- 

  • A customer gave a 2-star rating as the return process was complex. The review stated that the shipping fees were also to be paid by the customer himself.
  • Another customer got his product delivered late and wanted to avoid the delivery process. Due to all this reason customers sometime puzzled in a question whether it is kicks crew a legit or not.

Is Kicks Crew a legit website?


After going through the advantages and disadvantages of shopping from this web page, the readers must be curious to know about the website’s legitimacy. 

We have conducted research where we gathered information about the rating and reviews given by the customers who shopped from Kicks-Crew.


The website delivers products; however, it was found that customer satisfaction could be higher. It delivered its products to most of its customers. Most customers found the return policy to be dissatisfying. Hence, the website is legit, but customer satisfaction could be higher.


About the question – is Kicks Crew a legit website? There are a lot of websites that sell shoes, and this is one such web page that sells sneakers and other products from different brands and sizes. The website may or may not be legit, but before proceeding, the customers can go through the reviews and ratings given by the customers. 

We hope the readers found this article helpful; remember to give us your valuable feedback.

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