Is Joinbrands Legit – User Reviews and Complaints [Apr-2024]


Get your answer on whether it is Joinbrands legit or not. If you are searching for a platform to connect with creators to promote your brands and vice-versa, then this site is willing to find a solution.

Moreover, we are here to provide all the necessary details to give you grounds to decide whether it can be your right choice. We are free from all favoritism and put everything accurately to the best of our knowledge. 


It is said to provide a connecting place for those starting their own business and looking for creators to promote their companies and creators looking for brands to give them a platform to showcase their talent. It is suitable for both those who are looking to start their career. 

What is 

Earning by joining with top brands and influencers is now made simple by visiting the site we are talking about here. But many are still asking is joinbrands legit or if it is a scam to trap users. 


This platform is willing to provide all arounder solutions for business owners and creators by giving marketers the to market their products, creators to create their content by connecting with top brands and earning from it, manage accounts, and advertise job roles required for the promotion of the brand. 

It brings all the top brands like Mary Ruth’s and Kos and creators that are available all around the globe in one single platform from which one can choose which brand has the vacancy and with whom they want to work according to their requirements. Be it a freelancing or big business, everything is available here, and over 100000 creators are available here. 


  • Objective: Creating single platform for brand owners and online creators.
  • Date of the launch: 2021-04-21
  • Last update: 2023-04-22
  • Date of its expiry: 2024-04-21
  • Social media platforms: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tiktok
  • Phone number: not available 
  • Email ID: not available

How to get enroll on 

  • The user needs to visit the official Joinbrands site from their browser. Then it will show up a video playing on the homepage above, in which information will be written that shows how many creators are available on the particular date you have accessed the site. 
  • The user then needs to click on the three bars in the top right corner of the screen, where multiple options will be available.
  • The user needs to scroll down the menu, and if you are a business owner, you can join as per the option; if you are a creator, you need to sign in. 
  • The user needs to log in by providing an email address and password, and it must be kept in mind that the password should be a minimum of 10 and entirely new. Users can join directly join through Google, Facebook, and Apple. 
  • After joining this platform, the users get multiple options to choose from as per their requirements: They can choose by the type of content they want to Create, on which Platform, category, and industry. 
  • It also provides different categories to the creators and owners, like Arts and crafts, food reviews, baby kids and maternity items, pets and animals, and personal care, because of this massive segment of offerings.
  • Before jumping directly on the website, the user can take a demo. If they like it, they can further go on using the site.


  • There are over 25,000+ influencers and many top brands on this platform that can generate financial stability by creating content and promoting brands that speak alot about whether joinbrands are legit or not. 
  • It is available for freelancing and new start-ups who need help figuring out how to start their career. It provides complete guidance on managing accounts and every requirement that comes with it. 
  • When you enter the platform, it provides a demo and lets you join the forum entirely without charging a penny. 
  • It lets your content reach the right audience by making it available on different platforms like Tiktok, youtube shorts, Instagram, and many more. 
  • The entire procedure of starting your journey on this site is exceptionally smooth. 
  • It provides job opportunities to many who want to work remotely. 
  • It lets you build customer trust in brands. 
  • It provides one-on-one chat with the creators and business owners, and the professionals joinbrands will look at everything to schedule a date and time.


  • Though there are approx 25,000+ creators available on this site, many need to be made aware of the platform. For this reason, small business owners don’t get invested in it. 
  • The procedure log from this site is tricky, and the developers should devise a smoother way. 
  • It has an option of freelancing where all the creators and brand owners are available here to generate income.

What is the user’s review of 


We always provide all the information that can boost your decision. Is it a scam, or is joinbrands legit? So, we went to look for the stories that customers want to state about this site, for which the official site was our primary research platform, after which we went to public opinion forums and social media platforms where we noted the following reviews from users on the official site as success stories column.

Favorable reviews: 

  • The top brand owner Leslie Pierson has reviewed that through this platform, she could connect with the actual creators who helped her connect with the audience, which brought a huge spike in her business. 
  • One user stated that whenever she had any issue with the application and its features, customer care services were always available to help her out.
  • Users have stated that it is a good platform for those who want to get started on it, as it works excellently for mid-level creators and provides them with many opportunities. 

Unfavorable reviews:

  • There are only a few negative remarks about this site that say that the platform only let them earn a minimal amount, that is, $800, after running 11 campaigns, which could have been more satisfactory. 
  • Users have also stated that it takes a lot of time to generate sustainable income on this platform. It is slower than it claims to be. 

Is Joinbrands legit and safe website? 

It is evident from the above description that this platform is entirely legit, and they have many creators and big brands like Beauty by the Earth, Drmtlgy, and many more.


Many reviews only talk about the benefits of this site, and only substantial reviews speak against this site. Thus, we would suggest this to our readers if they are looking for a platform to join with brands or promote their brands. 


Hence concluding that, we can say that it is a safe platform, and we hope you liked our review on “Is joinbrands legit.” Please write feedback in the comment section below, and remember to rate us. 

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