Is Evry Jewels Legit? Check Reviews & Complaints


If you are looking for designer jeweleries then check out Evry Jewels. But is Evry Jewels legit? Let’s find out in this informative article, it got mixed reviews from users.

We gather information from legit sources like official websites, social media platforms, and public opinion forums. After reviewing it thoroughly, we systematically provide details for our readers to justify. 


Suppose you love to look expensive by styling your outfits with chic, effortless, fashionable jewelry. This site lets you get all your jewelers to accessories yourself. However, how far is it legit? Let us know about it in detail.

What is Evry Jewel? 

Before investing in this platform, we should understand how is evry jewels legit. It is necessary to accessories your outfit and look proper, for which jewelry is necessary. 

This site provides everyday jewelry with various designs and styles that look exactly like expensive ones. The site has been categorized into different sections for

  • earrings,
  • pendants,
  • necklaces,
  • rings and many more.

The mode of ordering is online, and it provides doorstep delivery all around the globe. One can place their order at any point by visiting their official site and getting registered, which we will discuss in detail below step-wise. Let us understand all about it in detail. 


  • Purpose: Provide jewelry for an everyday look to make you effortlessly stylish.
  • Date of the commencement of the website: 2019-08-23
  • Date of the update: 2022-07-12
  • Date of expiration: 2023-08-24
  • Email address: support@evryjewels
  • Social media platforms: Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tiktok 
  • Shipping details: 2-5 business days in Canada, and for other countries, it takes 5-10 business days. 
  • Refund details: After 15 days of delivery, if the product is broken, lost color or with any manufacturing defects, it will be replaced.
  • Payment method: Amex, Google Pay, Discover, Visa, Apple Pay, Debit card, MasterCard, PayPal 

How to place an order on Evry Jewels? 

Shopaholics must be wondering how to place an order from this site. We tried this site to provide better information on whether evry jewels are legit, and here are the simple steps we have cracked on the journey. 

  • Whoever wants to purchase from this site must visit the official platform, which appears first when they search their site from their browser. 
  • As soon as they enter the platform, they will get a spin option, and below that, a space will be given in which they have to fill in their email address and password. 
  • After filling in the email address and password, the user must click on the spin and collect the rewards. 
  • The user must then purchase according to their wish by adding it to the cart and clicking on check out, where the collected rewards will be automatically applied. 
  • The user then needs to put up their address and click on the mode of payment. After successful payment, the customer will receive a message on their registered email address. 
  • The site provides an option to track the product on the three bars in the left corner of the screen. 


  • This site has listed not just jewelry but many more products like slippers, phone cases, jewelry boxes, swimwear, and clothing is also available because of this, many wonders is evry Jewels legit or not.
  • It provides discounts and rewards regularly.
  • When the customer enters this platform, it provides spins and rewards.
  • It also can provide customized jewelry that can make a perfect gift.
  • The written period is 15 days, and they replace the product if there are any slight defects. 
  • The Evryjewels site is easily available in one search. 
  • The site has social media involvement on all platforms. 
  • It provides an option to style like a celeb by clicking on the option below the page that says “Create a look.”


  • Only a few know about the existence of this website, and of which those who know about it have their issues regarding it.
  • No customer care reviews are available on the official website. 
  • There is no refund policy available. Only replacement.

What is the customer reviews?

To know how this site works, we must know its efficacy and how it has benefitted the customers by knowing their experience. We went in-depth research on the official website, and as we have mentioned, reviews have yet to be listed here to justify is evry jewels legit.


After which, we went to social media platforms, from where we noticed that though there are a lot of platforms this site is available on, the advertisement needs to be done regularly.

Positive reviews: 

  • The users have discussed customer care support and stated that the owner deals with everything independently and gives information about every issue being raised. 
  • The jewelry is appropriate and affordable to wear regularly. 

Negative reviews: 

In public opinion forums like Trust Pilot, we notice many negative remarks about this site, which say the shipping does not happen on time, and they make customers wait for a long, and after a month of waiting, they send defective and broken pieces. 

Is evry Jewels legit? 

As per what we have experienced from our research, we have noticed more advantages than drawbacks of this platform. There are undoubtedly a few customers who are not satisfied with the service they provide, but the customers who are happy with their services are higher than that.


It provides very affordable prices on everything, be it clothes or jewelry. Due to this, it got 4/5 ratings that show it’s best for economic items.


Hence, our final verdict on this product is that the website is safe to order, although there are a few negative remarks that show they don’t receive it yet.

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