Is CHG Store Legit? 100+ Users Based Reviews [2024]


In this article, we will see – is CHG store legit? CHG Store is an online shopping platform with a wide range of fashion apparel, and in this article, we will see if this web page is legitimate. 

This article shall also give the readers an idea about the various details of this website and the pros and cons of shopping from this site—this article shall also analyze the reviews, if any, provided by the customers.

What is CHG Store?


Among the various online clothing platforms, CHG Store is one of them which provides different types of clothing for its customers. Their products are not just restricted to clothes; the web page even sells vases, shoes, table lamps, etc. But you must be thinking, is CHG Store legit? Let us see

The customers can buy the products in ten different currencies and create their accounts to facilitate their buying process. Most of the products available with them are cheap as many discounts get applied while placing an order for a product from this store.


  • Email id –
  • Products available – clothes, table lamps, vases, shoes, etc.
  • Discounts and Promo codes – the web page displays different types of deals that one can avail from this site is given. A description on their web page states that orders above $ 39$ shall have free shipping.
  • Privacy Policy – the privacy policy for this site is given in detail along with the security policy
  • Physical Address – the physical Address for the company is mentioned on their web page
  • Social media – it is unknown whether they are available on any social media or not.
  • Terms and conditions- on this site, the terms and conditions are also mentioned.
  • Return Policy – the web page has given information about how their return policy works.
  • Working days – the web page functions from Monday to Friday
  • Exchange Policy – the details regarding product exchange are given on the web page.


  • This online store is a one-stop shopping platform for clothes and other products.
  • It functions in eight different languages, including English.
  • Customers can buy their products in ten foreign currencies
  • Return and the product exchange are usually completed within 14 days of receiving the item.
  • They even sell products wholesale.


  • This store delivers/ships to 50 countries only
  • Customers need to pay the shipping fees on the products they wish to be returned
  • Few items are not eligible for return or exchange
  • In case of return/exchange, the customer is supposed to email the company a picture showing the defective product.
  • If the customer cancels any product, a refund won’t be given if the item is canceled beyond 24 hours. 

Is CHG Store legit?


In this article section, we will check the website’s legitimacy. According to the research that we conducted, it has been found that the Address given on the web page is non-existing. The web page does not provide a payment option too.

The email address that has been given is also not a valid one and doesn’t seem to be associated with the store. The web page is not on any social media apps, raising suspicion about its legitimacy. Hence, there are high chances for this store to be a scam. 

What are the user reviews?


The reviews given by other customers play a crucial role as it helps determine whether the products from a particular web page are legit. Understanding the prominence of the same, we have generated some reviews about the store. 

To the reader’s dismay, it is informed that no reviews were available by the customers from this web page. We have, however, got to know that there is a high possibility that this web page is not legit through YouTube videos. 



As we come to the end of the article, if you are still thinking about – is CHG Store legit or not, then the readers are to take action with proper care and caution as there is a high probability of the web page being a scam. 

We hope you found this article helpful, do come back, as we will update you if we find any reviews about this website, and don’t forget to give us your honest feedback.

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