Is AbeBooks Legit Website 2023?


Are you still debating is AbeBooks legit or not? We offer the correct quantity of information to assist you in making swift judgments. If you are a frequent reader and have yet to come across this platform, we recommend reading the article to learn more about it. 

It is a one-of-a-kind community in terms of its offerings, which include different kinds of books which, includes new books, used books, and best sellers for all age groups. The site briefly describes every book the user can go through before purchasing. 

This is just not it. The site also collects art and collectibles, Textbooks, and rare collections. Isn’t this platform an amazing one? According to the services it provides and our own experience, we can say this is a platform we can assure to have our trust upon.

Does Amazon own AbeBooks?


Amazon owns the twelve-year-old company which served the reading community in 2008. It runs domestically and internationally to make all sets of books available for all age groups. The one-of-a-kind community who are avid readers can buy books, read a book, and share their thoughts with other readers on the same platform through the comment section. It provides a fantastic platform for those readers who find a haven in books. 

Readers are captivated by it because it allows them to express their opinions with others who share their interests. Whose goal is to become enlightened and to enlighten others. It is a wonderful venue for publishers to advertise their work, not only for readers. 

On this site, publishers can see what content the readers are most interested in and easily understand the opinions that the readers have expressed.

This platform has made free books and rewards that can be exchanged for more free books available. It has also organized books on its site unavailable on any other platform and rare genres, which speaks alot about is Abebooks legit or not.

How long does it takes for AbeBooks to get shipped?


This is a wonderful platform that does not make the user wait for too long. This platform takes only two days to ship the book to the customer. The company sends the shipment details through emails and on the official website. From our own experience we can say the buyers shouldn’t be having question regarding Is Abebooks legit or not before trying their hands on. 

When the process of purchasing the item has been completed, the site sends a notification to the buyer, including the delivery time, exact location, and order status. 

In most cases, the seller of the product informs the shipment details through the buyer through the official website, which is mandatory, or through emails.

Does AbeBooks ship fast?


Per our research and experience, this platform is the quickest in shipping the products. Sometimes the international shipping time is 4 to 5 days, and for the domestic, it takes 2 to 3 days. The best thing is that the buyers from this website do not have to pay extra for shipment, and it is entirely free which justifies the queries about “is Abebooks legit”

Is AbeBooks reliable?

According to our research, this is heaven for people who enjoy reading. This website not only allows readers to communicate and exchange their ideas, but it also allows provide art and collectibles. It has been operating for a long time and has acquired a huge global market. 

This site has merged with Amazon, which speaks alot about whether it is Abebooks legit or not.The site does not charge any hidden fees from the buyers except for the product cost. 

This website is straightforward and enjoyable for all readers because they have new books every week, which is very exciting. This is why this platform has grown in popularity among the readers. 

Abebooks complaints


There are not many negative comments on this site, but here is what readers have to say, which raises a question: Is Abebooks legit or not?

According to one client, only a few people know this site; hence, even after learning about its services, they are suspicious that readers are first authentic.

One customer has brought to the attention of fellow readers that this site asks if the user is over 18. As a reading platform, it should be accessible to people of all ages. 

Here are some complaints mentioned below:

  • It is not easy to locate their official webpage.
  • Initially intended for the United Kingdom and Canada.
  • There is no customer service phone number listed on the official website.
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