Impac Mortgage Complaints [May 2023]


We will discuss all Impac Mortgage complaints here. Also, all the essential details about the company are covered in this article. Carefully study the article if you are willing to buy from Impac Mortgage.

Whether you have a significant fantasy about buying another home or need to explore the advantages of renegotiating your current credit, the committed group at Impac Home loan can help you.

What is an Impac Home loan?

Impac Home loan is a notable organization that offers home loan credits to borrowers in many areas of the United States. The organization likewise benefits from large numbers of credits. It provides a fantastic home that is not difficult to explore and friendly client support for its home loan delegates through a complementary telephone number.


Whether you are generally worried about getting legit, clear guidance about your credit solicitation, or you are resolved to find serious rates for your home loan, this is the organization you need to work for. Let us see Impac mortgage complaints.


  • Customer number- 800-597-4101
  • Commercial Address- Impac Mortgage Corp. 19500 Jamboree Road, Suite 200 Irvine, CA 92612
  • Email ID-
  • Services- home mortgage and loans
  • Online/offline mode- Available 

Impac mortgage complaints

Here are some of the complaints from the customers- 

1. ‘Take off! This survey is expected for IMPAC Home loan Organization and JACKIE CROSSON. From the second I presented an application through my home loan dealer; it’s only been lies and changes from what we initially discussed. Be it terms, dates and timetables, expenses and expansions – – – all untruths. They pulled my advance rate lock days before my end and left my family in an in-between state.


Our future passed on questionable, and battling to keep our home-purchasing dreams alive. Try not to give them any of your concerns; they will drag you along until the end and afterward dump you since they can’t satisfy their commitments. Revealing them to BBB, stay away!!!

2. ‘Try not to utilize this bank, don’t take your clients here, track down one more method for financing the advance!!! I have a significant bank proclamation bargain I’m attempting to subsidize with these jokesters, and neither my processing nor I can get them on the telephone. We should have the exchange financed today, and we couldn’t attract them to get a phone.

3. ‘They couldn’t care about your business, they couldn’t care about your clients, and they have all the earmarks of leaving the company given that they’re so challenging to talk with. That is typically what could be inevitable that they’re closing down, shutting their entryways, and dropping their whole channel. I’d try not to take any advances here until you begin seeing audits expressing they’re ready to go and offering any small amount of client support.


4. ‘Borrower, be careful; if your dealer attempts to take your credit, here will not make it happen! You’ll lament attempting to work with these jokers.’

5. ‘They read my situation for loaning me and said it’s alright. Then, at that point, they burned through my time assessing my reports and, bit by bit, expanded my rate. Lastly, when I was packed in shutting date, they answered that I was not qualified, but another moneylender acknowledged my records and qualified me with a much lower rate. Try not to burn through your time and open doors with this organization.’

Do you need to look for an Impac mortgage to fund your loan or other services?

We have checked many review sites like Trustpilot, Reddit, etc. The Impac mortgage complaints were so much that we recommend our readers go for other legit loan services. You should invest your time and money into something many appreciate, though very few people appreciate impac mortgage. 


It has received 1.5 stars in the review sections of the legit review website, which is extremely low and makes the reader doubtful. Hence, we want our readers to try some good sites to help with your problems.


We have mentioned all the details about the Impac mortgage. The impac mortgage complaints are taken into consideration in our article. Hence, we have given our verdict that we would not like to recommend our readers ask for a home loan or any loan from impac. 

You can get the most benefits, but with a good company, there are thousands of them in the United States, keep a look into them, and find your ideal mortgage company. We wish you good luck.

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