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Know how to unlock Deadlock Valorant? We will give you steps to crack the code and be the best agent. The official game called Valorant introduced a new player named Deadlock. The name has attracted many due to the rawness it adds to the player’s personality.


The official game has updated how to unlock these players, which we will discuss in detail. Our research is highly reliable as we track down all the authentic platforms and genuine sites to do a review, present it to our daily readers, and make their opinion free from all biases. 

What is Deadlock Valorant? 

Riot Games are the developers of a battleground in which they introduced a new member to the board of Valorant whose name they tagged Deadlock. Who has got amazing skills and is unbeatable in any energy. 


Because of this, many players who are well acquainted with this official gaming platform want to get their hands on this raw player known as Deadlock. On the verge of wanting to know how to unlock Deadlock Valorant, we can understand that the equipment and skills that Deadlock wons are at par with the best among the player that has been introduced till today. 

Checking the steps to unlock it is pretty simple if you follow our description. We provide our readers with in-depth information that can make them elevate their gaming journey. 


  • Purpose: a no-pay gaming platform developed by Riot
  • Date of the commencement of the website: 2019-06-10
  • Date of the update: 2023-06-11
  • Date of the expiration of updates: 2025-06-10
  • Social media platforms: Twitter, Discord, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter 
  • Email: Not found

How to unlock Deadlock Valorant?


After reading about the details mentioned earlier, we need to know how to unlock Deadlock, which we are going to discuss in this article which will make your journey smooth: 

  • The Player Requirement event: This is one of the latest features of these new updates and replaced the traditional ways of taking ages. However, there are still many similarities between the old and new methods, consisting of activation through automatic mode. For this, the players must complete the contest and earn up to 200,000 to unlock Deadlock, which requires 27 days to use and unlock, after which it will expire. 
  • Utilizing Valorant rewards: Those with little time to give and are willing to spare finances can get it by providing 1000 Valorant rewards. For which the first process can be ignored, and the user can start the second one directly.
  • Gamepass Subscription for Xbox: Xbox users get special benefits after subscribing through Xbox. After they unlock Deadlock, they can start playing without further wait. All that is required to do is link the official game to Xbox
  • Using credits: Getting Deadlock is expensive as it charges 8000 Kingdom rewards to unlock Deadlock. It works when the users cannot unlock their players in 27 days, but he gets credits, not players, known as Kingdom rewards.


  • People who love the battleground, shooting and fighting will love it. 
  • This platform keeps the users from getting drained financially. 
  • The platform is available on many social media platforms. 
  • It introduces many updates and features, because of which many want to know how to unlock Deadlock Valorant. 


  • It requires at least 4GB ram to run. 
  • The game lags if the internet connection is not found. 
  • It is taking more work to find out the official website. 

What are the users talking about on this platform? 

Positive reviews: 

After knowing how to unlock Deadlock Valorant, the readers want to see the users review in a parlor that one appreciating factor of this game is the look of the player Deadlock. The player is highly powered and can also take powers from other players. There is always new content on the platform.

Negative reviews: 


There are not many negative reviews about the platform. However, users have complained that they cannot run the website smoothly.


We hope our review on How to Unlock Deadlock Valorant. We regularly promise to bring you topics that can detail everything. To perform better, we need to know your views. Drop them in the comment section, and remember to drop your rating.

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