How to gift battle pass Fortnite? In [2024]


The question of how to gift battle pass Fortnite has sparked new conversations. The onset of a new season in the hugely famous game Fortnite sanctions users an opportunity to establish themselves as pro players. It keeps things all the more interesting by implementing new themes every season.

 Although the transformation might look unfamiliar and take time to get acquainted with, the availability of a new collection of cosmetics can help you with it. However, it is essential to point out that cosmetics also keep transforming. By acquiring the battle pass, gamers can only stay on top of the updates and upgrade their wardrobes. 


Such battle passes consist of various rewards that arrive with level-ups. Gamers are advised only to keep up with each challenge they face and focus on decking up to make it a success. But the fun heightens when you are accompanied by friends to venture into the world of Fortnite. It can even get elevated to new heights with further exploration. 

What is Battle Pass?

The question of how to gift battle pass Fortnite is necessary, but it is equally essential to learn what it stands for. It is primarily a bundle of seasonal cosmetic items. Every season comes along with new passes. Each pass is distinctly advantageous as it arrives with new modifications. 


Players must note here that each battle pass dedicated to a specific season is viable for that season only. In other words, the viability of the passes expires as soon as a particular season comes to its ultimate end. The perks they offer also become obsolete, and redeeming them afterward shall be futile. 

Players must remember that two different passes are available for Fortnite enthusiasts. Those are the paid premium ones and the free ones. The former allows gamers to unravel almost as many as a hundred rewards. It also gives them unhindered access to Mystery Outfit. The latter confers on them the chance to attain rewards without paying in Vbucks. 


  • Commencement of the battle pass: October 2017
  • Content: Cosmetics such as black blings, skins, emotes, etc.
  • Current Battle Pass: Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3
  • Start time: 02:00 AM ET; 06:00 AM UCT; 11:30 AM IST
  • Cost of the Pass: 950 V-bucks
  • Cost of the Battle Bundle: 2500 V-bucks 
  • Skis and Ski skins are available 
  • Specific Fortilla for Players granting Battle passes
  • Builder Brother feature available

How to gift battle pass Fortnite?


It is imperative and given for all users first to launch the main gaming platform to proceed further with the process. The shop will then be feasibly accessible to all users who visit. Users can then scour through the page to the bottom-most part of it. The battle pass shall then be visible to them. The succeeding steps to reach the target are as below: 

  • Scroll through the options. Finalize the pass of your preference. 
  • The gift option to send out battle passes shall be visible on the left side right towards the end of the web page. 
  • Choose the option with “continue” written on it. 
  • A list of your friends’ names shall appear on the next web page.
  • Decide which friend you wish to share the benefits of a pass with. 
  • Establish a medium of payment.
  • What source you chose plays a pivotal role in it. Per the platform, you can make credit/debit card transactions. You can even include funds in your account to facilitate the purchase. 
  • Prepare a suitable box that is gift-worthy to share the passes.
  • Click ‘send’ to complete the process. 

What are the alternate ways to collect Vbucks?

Before stepping ahead or setting out on a quest to find answers to the question of how to gift battle pass Fortnite, gaining information on how to achieve vbucks is vital. Apart from the steps present here, there are other potential ways to obtain them. 


For example, the Fortnite Save the World purchase can help you lay your hands on free vbucks in a simple manner. Accessing the same is possible only if gamers launch it and get hold of the daily login prizes. A wide range of challenges and quests exist for this specific purpose. Although the numbers might be negligent initially, compiling them little by little can result in a significant amount. 

The game Fortnite Battle Royale also facilitates easy attainment of vbucks. This is possible only by unlocks available in the game. Its effectiveness is due to the source not being restricted to players without premium passes. Apart from these few ways, others, such as third-party websites, promise to confer on users free vbucks. But it is essential to refrain from visiting those links, as they can potentially be scams or fraudulent sources. 

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