How to Get Perm Fruits in Blox Fruits for Free? In 2024


How to get perm fruits in blox fruits for free? The answer is by participating in seasonal events, or you can join the community channel where you can trade and sell the items. 

What are Bolx Fruits?

It is a popular game within Roblox where players can explore vast oceans, battle enemies, and search for powerful fruits that grant a range of abilities. Inspired by the “One Piece” anime, the game encourages players to become stronger through quests, combat, and unlock special powers.

Blox Fruits, or Devil Fruits in the game, grant players special abilities when consumed. These powers can range from elemental control to enhanced physical capabilities. However, these abilities come with the drawback of losing the ability to swim.

Types of fruits


To understand the full spectrum, it’s crucial to break them down into specific categories. Each category offers distinct advantages, catering to different gameplay styles. Let’s explore these categories in detail.

1. Paramecia (Natural) Type

Paramecia fruits offer a variety of abilities that often defy the norm. Their powers can range from simple enhancements to extraordinary changes in the user’s physiology.

Notable Paramecia Fruits

  • Bomb Fruit: Allows users to create and detonate explosives. Great for those who prefer an aggressive fighting style.
  • Barrier Fruit: Grants the ability to create invisible barriers for defense.

2. Zoan (Beast) Type


Zoan fruits transform the user into a beast or animal, providing boosts in physical strength and endurance. These fruits are perfect for players who want a balanced mix of combat prowess and resilience.

Notable Zoan Fruits

  • Buddha Fruit: Enables transformation into a giant, making the user incredibly powerful.
  • Phoenix Fruit: This not only allows transformation into a phoenix but also grants healing abilities.

3.Logia (Elemental) Type

Logia fruits grant users the ability to control, create, and become elemental substances, making them nearly invulnerable to physical attacks.


Notable Logia Fruits

  • Flame Fruit: Allows control over fire for both offense and defense.
  • Ice Fruit: Enables users to manipulate and become ice, great for offensive and defensive capabilities alike.

Why Permanent Fruits?

Many players ask, “How to get perm fruits in blox fruits for free?” because permanent fruits allow players to retain their abilities even after death, unlike temporary fruits that are lost upon dying. This makes them highly desirable for those aiming to excel in the game without interruptions.

How to get perm fruits in blox fruits for free?

While purchasing Robux is the most straightforward way to acquire permanent fruits, there are several methods to earn them for free. Here’s how:

Participating in events


The game often hosts various in-game events where players can earn rewards, including permanent fruits. Here’s how you can maximize your chances during events:

Seasonal events

  • Log in daily: During seasonal events, log in every day to ensure you don’t miss out on limited-time rewards.
  • Complete event quests: Most events come with specific quests. Completing these can earn you significant rewards, sometimes even permanent fruits.

Community events

  • Follow social media: Keep an eye on the game’s official social media channels for announcements about community-driven events.
  • Engage with content: Participate in community challenges and content creation contests. Winners often receive exclusive items, including permanent fruits.

Trading and alliances

Trading fruits and forming alliances within the game can also be a viable path to obtain permanent fruits for free.

Trade smart

  • Fair Trades: Always aim for fair trades. Trading a lesser fruit for a premium one can sometimes yield results if the other player is looking for something specific.
  • Market Awareness: Stay updated on the in-game economy and know the current values of different fruits.

Form alliances

  • Join a Crew: Being part of an active crew can increase your chances of finding permanent fruits through mutual support.
  • Alliance Events: Participate in Crew events where allies can help each other find and secure rare fruits.

Leveraging codes and promotions

Developers often release promotional codes that players can redeem for various in-game rewards, including permanent fruits.

Redeeming codes

  • Stay Updated: Follow the game’s official channels and websites like Blox Fruits Codes to get the latest codes.
  • Redeem Quickly: Codes often have expiration dates, so redeem them promptly to ensure you don’t miss out.

In-game rewards

  • Daily Streaks: Maintain a daily log-in streak to accumulate rewards that could ultimately lead to acquiring a permanent fruit.
  • Quests and Missions: Regularly completing tasks and missions can sometimes reward you with rare items, including permanent fruits.


  • Boss Fights: Engage in boss fights as they often drop rare fruits.
  • Regular Quests: Continually complete quests that have a chance of fruit drops.


  • Island Exploration: Regularly explore different islands in search of fruits.
  • Check All Locations: Frequent hotspots where fruits are known to appear.


Hence, we hope you got the answer on How to get perm fruits in blox fruits for free and how to play with blox fruits. Please share your experience and let us know your way to get fruits for permanent. 

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