How onlyrbx com providing Robux?


We have good news for all the Roblox players as onlyrbx, a robux-generating website, will be reviewed in this article, after which the readers can decide whether it is reliable. There are many benefits that gamers will have once they get the points, but are these sites safe?

Many web pages offers to give you rewards, which is one of them; with the help of the reviews, if any, and the site’s features, we will look into its legitimacy in this article and see whether this can be your go-to platform for your game.

What is onlyrbx?


After completing various tasks, this website promises you the Robux you choose after logging in by providing your username. Each player must have an account in the game, and the same credentials have to be entered, which will be verified by the domain before giving you the points.

The activities to be completed by the players range from filling quizzes to watching videos. You will need a stable desktop with a proper connection and your login details to get the rewards. After you get your points, you can use it for various purposes in the game.

How do you get Robux?

The easy procedure to gain the maximum benefits by getting points just by completing a few tasks online must sound very interesting and even raise curiosity among the readers. You need to follow the steps given below to get the rewards – 

  • Set up your laptop or computer and ensure that you don’t have connectivity issues.
  • Open your browser and type onlyrbx. After being directed to the site, keep your login details ready.
  • The players will then find a box where they can type their username, and then the site will ask which platform, whether Apple, Android, or Microsoft, the gamers prefer.
  • You will find an option that says “proceed”; click on it.
  • The list of denominations will appear, which the gamers must choose, and then you must complete the activity.

After following the steps mentioned above, synchronization will occur, and the site will generate points into your account.


  • Contact Number – details for contacting the site are not mentioned.
  • Email ID – no email address on their web page could be found.
  • Social Media – as per our research, they aren’t on social media platforms.
  • Promo Codes – there was no mention of codes on their site.
  • Terms of Use – the terms of using the site were also not given.
  • Referral Programs – We found no referral programs on the website.

Let us now look into the benefits and drawbacks of onlyrbx, which will help us better understand the site.


  • Just with the completion of tasks, all the rewards can be yours,
  • Once you get your points, you can utilize them for your game and increase the competition.
  • Activities given by the webpage are easy to complete.


  • Essential information is not given on the site, thus making it difficult for those interested in contacting the team.
  • After entering your details, you might be redirected to third-party sites, which might be risky.

Alternate ways to get Robux?


The following are the other ways through which you can get your points – 

  • By joining the discord channel of the official site of Roblox, the players will get an update about the latest codes, which can be redeemed to get more Robux.
  • Apart from the leading site, you can even check YouTube videos where a list of codes will be revealed.
  • Interested gamers can even trade with co-players to get points.

What are the players feedback?

There is no option for the gamers to give their feedback on the web page. However, we also couldn’t find the reviews on other sites. Their reviews were not available on social media, either. We, however, request the readers to come back as we will be updating this article if we find any reviews.

Is onlyrbxlegit?

It is to be noted by the readers that the site is currently open, but they didn’t disclose essential information. Even on social media, they don’t have accounts. The user reviews also couldn’t be found. According to our research, the site’s trust score is too low.


There was also a video on YouTube where it was held that it was a fake website. Hence, the site might be a scam.


No matter how tempting the website might be, it can be a trap and ask you to compromise on your safety. Hence, the readers are requested to be careful before proceeding to such sites and to use the alternatives.

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