Golo Reviews and Complaints | 7 Days Result [Jan 2024]


Golo Reviews and Complaints has received popular searches on google lately. Golo diet is gaining fame and many users shared their one-week after-use outcome which you can read in the below section. But still, there are questions in the minds of people regarding its claims. So we have come to put an end to your relentless searches! Follow this article to find out about the diet’s reviews by customers.

People today live in a competitive world and thus often lack time. In this fast-moving world, everyone is concerned about their health and lifestyle. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, following a proper diet is of great importance. Golo has come forward with its unique method to help people. Let’s look after it.

About Golo

Among many diets present in the market like the ketogenic diet, the Golo diet stands out as it doesn’t emphasize eating in a certain way. Supplement offered by Golo is to be taken to follow this diet. The company claims that Golo supplements have ingredients, the main being Release which is helpful in regulating the insulin levels in the body, encouraging the body to lose weight keeping an eye on calorie intake.


The intake of Golo supplement increases the metabolism of the body and balances insulin levels too, thus resulting in weight loss. A person also experiences improved body energy.

Before moving on to Golo Reviews and Complaints, let us first discuss its composition and other important things. Release, the core component of it, has both natural and mineral ingredients, namely Apple Extract, Banaba Extract Inositol, etc. It is purely vegetarian and is also caffeine-free.


  • Comes in the form of capsules
  • A container of 270 capsules costs $49.95


  • Comes with added benefit of reducing mental stress.
  • Promotes healthy food.
  • The supplement’s ingredients are safe.
  • Promotes exercise.


  • Harmful for diabetic patients.
  • Not firmly supported by science.

Is the Supplement worth buying?

The worthiness of buying a Golo supplement is one of the important aspects of Golo Reviews and Complaints. According to data and various sources, several of the minerals and components in Release aren’t present in sufficient quantities to show significant results. One of the ingredients, apple extract which has fiber would be helpful in weight loss but its quantity in the Release is very less.

Intake of any supplements requires consultation with a doctor beforehand. So is in the case of Golo. Although the ingredients present in it are safe to take it holds no reliable evidence of surety of weight loss.


A 26-week study with 35 people under observation showed that when the Golo diet and supplement were combined with regular exercise, significant weight loss was experienced in people. 

However, Golo Reviews and Complaints by the customers have shown that not everyone experienced significant weight loss and they opine that it’s a waste of money.

Going by all these, we have concluded that Golo does not guarantee weight loss to everyone who follows it. Proper exercise may act as a catalyst in some people’s cases and get them the desired results. You can try it out once as there is no harm caused by Golo to health.

What are the Golo reviews and complaints By the customers?


Golo supplement has received 3.13 stars out of 5 by Healthline, which is quite a decent score. While 68% of users on Trustpilot have given it 5 out of 5. Going through its legit reviews on Amazon, its overall rating is 3.6 out of 5. 48% of users have given it 5 stars.

Some people have got great results in us 10-12 weeks and lost about 12 pounds. They have obviously come forward as staunch supporters of Golo. They have verified its claims such as a reduction in cravings.

On the other side, there are people who experienced no results and are completely dissatisfied with it. People have claimed that they were consistent and avoided all food items which were not prescribed, but still, they lacked results. As per a random user, this product didn’t work for him, and he says you must follow a strict diet to lose weight.

After the one-week result – One user shared his one-week experience where he said he lost one pound. Further, he adds that he is regular on light exercise and maintains a balanced diet.


After 2 month result – One user mentioned that she followed a strict diet with Golo and lost 16 pounds in just 2 months. Although, she is following a common set of exercises additionally.

In short, the results vary for every human body, and we can not expect uniform results.


Everything around us comes with different opinions. Golo being no different has experienced the same. In order to see desired results, you need to be consistent and patient. 

Do share your thoughts and experiences on Golo Reviews and Complaints in the comment section below.

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