Legit Or Not ? [July 2023]


Are you still wondering about legit but must be made aware if it is worth your time? If you are searching for the right platform to seek information about this, this article can help you by providing adequate detail about it. 

Someone who wants to earn from the comfort of their home by doing small tasks like watching videos, shopping online, searching through the web, playing mini-games, and many more such activities. Can anyone think of monetizing these activities, which are loaded with fun? However, this platform has made it possible. 

What is 


This platform will not let you sit at home idle and let you hustle, but this will not drain you but rather provide exciting offers from top brands. Anyone can enjoy this offer even after doing their primary job. Not that this site also provides advice on managing finances and establishing a successful business. 

This website contains all renowned platforms like Amazon, Roblox, Sephora, Visa card, shein, and others in one place. The rewards generated through this site can be used on these popular platforms to avail of exciting offers.


All the brands that provide gift cards and financial rewards have different payouts. Certain brands offer adequate rewards, whereas others pay pretty little. Due to less popularity of this platform, many of our readers are skeptical about it. We will answer every doubt with the help of essential features, pros, and cons to understand if legit or not. Let us know all about it in-depth. 

Specifications of this website

  • Purpose: To provide gift cards and financial rewards to those who want to hustle
  • Date of registration: 2020-03-23
  • Date of update: 2023-03-24
  • Date of expiry: 2023-03-23
  • Social media site: not available
  • Email address: not found
  • Contact details: not found

How to use this platform to win gift cards and rewards? 

  1. The user must first search for the official website mentioned in this article from their device browser. 
  2. After they reach the website, they need to click on the blue button, which shows the “Get started” option that they need to click. 
  3. Now, they can see many rewards listed below the page for a few tasks that the user needs to complete: Amazon tasks,  Venmo tasks, and many more.
  4. After clicking on the options, it will navigate the users to complete a few tasks. 
  5. After completing the tasks, the user can enjoy these rewards on their official email id and avail of their gift cards. 

What are the advantages of this website? 

Here are some benefits that we have highlighted about this platform that our users must consider to testify if legit or not

  • This platform has been a source of income for those who want to pursue their primary job and still want to earn side income, like homemakers. 
  • It is also an excellent platform for youngsters earning their daily expenses through this. 
  • The website design is simple, and anyone can use this, even those who are not technically sound. 
  • It has listed top websites in one platform, and users can avail of these top brands and enjoy their rewards. 
  • This website is compatible with any device, whether Android, iOS, or Windows, and can be accessed with an average internet connection.

What are the disadvantages of this website?


Here are certain disadvantages of this platform that we want to bring to our reader’s notice are as follows: 

  • This website has a significantly less trust score, and many do not know it. If this has helped people from gaining rewards and gift cards apart from doing their primary job, it would have gained adequate user response because this service market is niche. 
  • No contact details of the developer or any email address are available to connect in case of any mislead. 
  • The website is not accessible in many geographical areas. Even when we search for this platform, it shows that the domain name is available for sale. 
  • Although with the help of an average internet connection, one can access this platform, they can not browse through this because it crashes in between when the users need a strong data connection. 

What are the users saying about this platform?

As much as we want to provide our users with information to understand if legit or not and how its objective is to provide its users. You have thoroughly evaluated its essential features, advantages, and disadvantages. We evidently saw that there needs to be more social media interaction between developers and users. We also extended our research to the public opinion forum; no such comments were found. Many third-party websites have some comments on their page, but we won’t let our users trust them if they are likely to be a mislead. 

Is legit? 


From the information mentioned earlier, is not legit and must be stayed away at all costs. We have stated this after conducting thorough research on every reliable source and every piece of information that is available out there. It should not be visited because people need to learn what privacy and security norms it follows and how it might likely harm the user’s devices. 


Hence we suggest our users refrain from relying on this platform as it might cause less good and more harm. No doubt it’s services sound appealing and too good to be trustworthy. We hope our review on legit or not is helpful and answered all your doubts regarding this site. Drop your feedback in the comment section below. 

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