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In this article, we shall see what is. There might be a lot of players who play Roblox which is an online game. To put it in simple words, the above website helps get the Robux for nothing.

Let us see how to use it, its advantages and disadvantages, and the customer reviews the users gave. We shall also see if it is legit and safe to use or not.

What is


The accessories and virtual items generally purchased in the Roblox game can be easily generated using this website. There is no limit on the withdrawal you can generate using this website. The process to get it is also simple. All you have to do is first type their username of Roblox. But is legit? Let us see. 

The users are then allowed to choose how much they want to generate, the maximum being 50000 to a minimum of 5000. You have to select the platform you want to play the game on – laptop, Windows, or smartphone. Then you can proceed to collect rewards.

How to use Robux from Getrbx?

  • Click on the “Continue” button after entering the username of your Roblux profile.
  • There will be a display of the Robux from which you have to choose among the options.
  • You will get your result within a minute.
  • Then it will ask you to complete the verification that may include random advertisements, downloading of specific apps, etc.
  • After the verification, the process is said to be completed, and you will get the transfer of rewards to your provided username.


  • Name of the website – Getrbx
  • Promo codes – available
  • Web location – United States
  • Visitors per day – the website has approximately 267 visitors per day
  • Email ID – unavailable
  • Social Media – unknown
  • Installation – it can be installed through google play

We will soon look into the legitimacy of 


Let us now look into the pros of using the website – 

  • If you are an ardent player of Roblox, then you can get Robux for free.
  • You can generate rewards without any fee
  • The process for obtaining rewards is simple
  • The maximum Robux you can render is 50000 
  • Their website is protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection
  • You can get virtual items using this created Robux through the app.
  • You can access the benefits of this website just through a browser
  • You can even get promo codes valid for seven months through this website.


  • Low trust score
  • The minimum Robux you can get through the website is 5000
  • The website does not have a valid email Id 
  • There is no relevant information about its presence on social media
  • The website has a low Alexa rank 

Is legit?


While the hard-core players of the game Roblox must be delighted after discovering this website which gives the users the privilege to generate it, as we always suggest, it is essential to check if it is safe to use.

Many apps provide such rewards, but when you open their website, the page will be redirected, which indicates that it needs to be legit. Though the website has an SSL certificate, it has expired and is not verified.

What are the user reviews?

  • A user has given a one-star rating saying that he got a virus by using the app and that it is suspicious
  • One of the users has reviewed that his personal information was taken due to the usage of that website
  • A user has found their search engine to be non-functional 



While the Roblox games are popular, various websites offer Robux for uncounted times; not all are legit. There are no authenticated websites that provide such. One among them is which says to give offers the same.

When you open the website, it must either be fixed or redirected. That is the first thing that indicates to the users that it is not legit. The website has been functioning, but the user who has given a review has stated it to be suspicious. We hope you found to be helpful, and please give us your feedback. 

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