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In this article, – what the website is about- shall be seen. The online game Roblox has gained much popularity, and there has been a surge in demand for Robux – the currency used in this game. 


This article will explain everything you need about this web page. This article shall also explain the process or steps to get the rewards. This article will also analyze the web page’s legitimacy and the reviews given by its users. So, let us get started.

What is

This is a website that allows you to earn Robux. You can do so by completing simple tasks the web page presents you. The tasks vary from watching videos to downloading apps and other tasks, which the web page will notify. 

How to get Robux?


By following the below steps, you can get the rewards that you can later utilize for your Roblox game for improving the quality of your game and by purchasing virtual items for your game. The steps are as follows – 

  • You must ensure your device is connected to a secure internet connection.
  • Open your browser and go to, and you can see an option that says “Join us.”
  • The next step is to click on that option and enter your Username.
  • The web page provides a range of over a thousand tasks, upon the completion of which you can earn the rewards. The tasks vary from downloading apps to watching videos.
  • After you complete the required tasks, you can withdraw it from their shop without wasting time.

The web page also provides a giveaway of 1500 credits every week. 


  • Promo Codes – on this web page, you can find promo codes.
  • Social Media – the website is on social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube. It even has a Discord channel where players can connect via chats or voice calls.
  • Email id – the email of is
  • Installation – it can be installed through google play, and it is available on IOS
  • Terms of use – the terms of use for this web page are given and explained in detail on their site.
  • Privacy policy – the web page gives their privacy policy with all the requisite information


  • The web page provides a weekly giveaway of 1500 credits.
  • Promo codes are also available on their web page.
  • Vital policies like privacy policies are given on the website.
  • The steps are easy to follow and are provided on their page.
  • There is no need to enter your password on; only your Username will suffice.
  • The web page does not collect information from minors knowingly.
  • You can reach out to them via their email id.


  • This web page can direct you to third-party websites for which they take no responsibility.
  • Non-compliance with any of their terms shall lead to the deletion of your account.
  • The web page’s YouTube is not working as it has been terminated.
  • To gain the complete functionality of the web page, it is mandatory to allow the usage of cookies on this website.
  • Personal information, namely the IP address, is collected while using this site.

Is Gamesloot Legit and Safe?

Knowing the legitimacy before proceeding to use any website is very important. And for the same reason, we have researched whether this site is legit. It has been found that the web page is legit; however, the generation of the rewards might take up to one or two weeks.


Many users have gotten their rewards post the completion of tasks, and the same has been collected through comments given on different YouTube videos about the site. Hence the website is legit.

What are the Users Reviews of

 Positive Reviews – 

  • A user earned promo codes by watching videos.
  • Another found the website to be genuine and authentic after using it.
  • The website was found to be the best by a user, who gave his review stating that it works.
  • A user got 1000 Robux using this web page.

Negative Reviews –

  • A user’s survey completion lasted for an hour.
  • Another user was not able to withdraw his Robux.
  • Errors were found while using the site for another user.
  • A user was almost hacked while using this website.


In conclusion, is legit, and the only drawback this site has is that it takes a while to generate the rewards. We hope you found this article helpful, remember to give us your feedback.

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