Gemiful Brand Legit or Not? 50+User Based Feedback 2023


In this article, we shall find the answer to the question -Is Gemiful Brand Legit or not? As the name suggests, it is a website where you can purchase Gems and other jewelry products.

The name catches your attention; when you open their website, you can find jewelry and other accessories. You can find them on social media as well. Let us find out more about this brand.

What are Gemiful Gems?


There is a story behind every brand, and there is one for GemifulGems. Though the owner’s name is not disclosed on the website, it is owned by an aspiring woman who realized the aim of opening Gemifulgems in her third year. 

But is Gemiful Brand Legit? We will look into that. Not only is the story given on their website inspiring, but it motivates every woman to be capable of achieving many things. All the contact details are also given on their website.


  • Name of the website – GemifulGems
  • Email –
  • Contact Number – +1(307)218-9241
  • Working days – Monday to Friday
  • Timings – 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Social Media – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok
  • Mode of Payment – Payment can be made online through 8 apps, namely Apple Pay, Mastercard, etc
  • Privacy policy – it is given in detail on their website
  • Return policy – within 30 days, an order can be returned
  • Address – Sheridan, 30 North Gould Street
  • Warranty – Warranty is given for one year
  • Products available – Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings
  • Coupon- available for 50%; promo codes are available too
  • Owned by – Volcom Brands Inc

While these specifications give a gist to the website, is Gemiful Brand Legit website ? We will answer that soon.


  • Return Policy is available which is available for one month
  • You can even become their ambassador
  • When a return is initiated, a refund of the amount is sent to the credit card number
  • If the product is not shipped within 40 days, then the refund, excluding the shipping cost, is sent
  • If not, the same product worth the same price is sent
  • Jewelry care is also given about how the gems purchased from the website can be used carefully 
  • If you lose the return slip, you can still return the product you ordered
  • Shipping is done worldwide


  • While using their website, personal details will be collected
  • Cookies are used while you use their website
  • All the data will be collected by the website, like the URL, terms, etc
  • Third-Party service providers will have access to your information
  • A tax of 20% of the total price will be levied
  • You can cancel your order before the product has been shipped but not after

Is Gemiful Brand Legit?

When you find a website that gives precise information, would you take that as legitimate? Or, just because a website has a lot of followers, you take it to be legitimate?


While the answer might be yes for few and no for some, the current website we are looking at also provides plenty of information, answering various queries and having many followers.

 But is the brand legit? Then we are sorry to tell you that it is not a legit brand. It is a scam where people get cheated. The content on their website is not genuine, and it is fake, making the website also fake.

Customer Reviews –


Here are a few reviews from customers who have used their website – 

  • One of the customers has used the website to become the brand ambassador and has proceeded with payment, but it turned out to be a scam.
  • Another customer said the communication could have been better because the customer waited around two months to receive confirmation.
  • A customer ordered an item by mistake, and to her bad luck, there was no canceling option, and though a mail was sent, there was no reply.
  • Lured by a discount option, it was never applicable, and a customer got cheated.


After looking at the reviews, we hope you have found the answer to the question – Is Gemiful brand Legit? The users need to be aware as scams are happening, and though not all are scams, being aware is the first step to successful shopping.

We hope you found this article helpful; please give us valuable feedback.

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