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The website Flop Robux or floprobux.gg allows the Roblox fans to collect Robux affordable compared to the market. It also gives you chances to win Robux by answering and completing the tasks. But how it works and how players can get the rewards from it let’s understand.

What is Flop Robux?


The website Flop Robux is a website developed in Brazil, but users can also use Google Translate to procure the benefits from it. When you visit the website it will redirect you to another domain name floprobux.gg. As per the website, visitors can get MM2 items and Robux at discounted offers and can redeem them instantaneously. The website is also active on all main social media platforms like Instagram, and Discord. 

Flop Robux roblox

 Players can join the Discord room and connect with players around the world, they can trade, and sell Robux and can play friendly matches. The games allow you to collect:

  • Robux: You have to register and make a profile and then you can participate in daily rewards and other events.
  • MM2 items: that include Bat, Makeshift, Swirly blade, Elderwood blade, Gingermint, etc. Each item has specific demands to collect.
  • Gamepasses: It include 3x Game Speed, VIP, Car Drive, Cloud Unit, and Pod Unit.
  • Toycodes: Persephones Girl Glam, Typical Rainbow Pocket, Treasure Hunting Bucket, Mysterious Sugar Egg of the Search Continuing, Cyan Skeleface, Golden Gamer Headset, Bluesteel, Doge Row.

Website details

Domain: floprobux.com

  • Registered on: 2024-04-18
  • Expires on: 2025-04-18
  • Updated on: 2024-04-18
  • Origin: US

Redirected Domain: floprobux.gg

  • Introduced on: 30th March 2023

What do you get?

  • It allows you to collect Robux and promocodes
  • Gamepasses, MM2, PSX, and many items available to collect and redeem
  • Supports all OS
  • Easy to navigate
  • Discord channel available for daily updates, giveaways, and latest promocodes
  • Received 4.4/5 star ratings on Trustpilot
  • Help section is available for any assistance
  • All the collected items can be seen on a cart which can be changed before finalization
  • Refund is available under certain conditions

What are the limitations?

  • Most of the items are not free and chargeable
  • The website is in the Portuguese language (can be translated to English via Google)
  • A few users raised issues that even after 7 days they didn’t receive their gamepasses

How to get Robux?

The website allows you multiple items to collect like game passes, Robux, promocodes, etc. Here we will show you the steps to redeem Robux:

  • Type Flop Robux it will redirect you to floprobux.gg (site address has been changed)
  • Enter your email and create a profile (for new users)
  • Now select the operating system you are using and click on next
  • Here you will see multiple options and each includes a particular number of Robux. Pick anyone and proceed
  • Now you will be provided with different tasks and surveys that you have to complete and submit.
  • After completing the task/survey you will be redirected to the page where you can transfer your Robux to your gaming profile

Note: Remember the Robux will be transferred to you within 7 days, for all other items like game passes and MM2 items it might take long hours. Users have to configure the server settings before using the game passes and other items.

What are the public opinions?


In the first instance, if you check the website, it is designed professionally. It is easy to navigate, and the website description is mentioned in Portuguese language which can be translated into English for the English audience. The website Flop Robux has had many feedbacks on Trustpilot. It has received 4.4/5 ratings which shows the trust and legitimacy of the website. We have taken some screenshots from Trustpilot which can be seen below.

The website also has many videos on YouTube, players can also join their Discord channel for regular updates, giveaways and to connect with other members. 

Flop Robux review 1

Flop Robux review 2

Flop Robux review 3

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