Does Relax Step Give You Robux? Get it Now[July 2023]


Does relax step give you Robux? In this article, we will see if you can earn the Robux currency for the Roblox game. This game is trendy, and many gamers constantly need Robux as it helps them upgrade their gaming experience.

In this article, we will see what is Relax step is, how it functions/ how it is to be used. We will also see the procedure to be followed and the feedback the users gave. In addition to the above things, the legitimacy will also be seen. So let us get started.

What is Relax Step?


Before knowing more about the – Does relax step given to you Robux, we will first see what Relax step is in the first place. As the name indicates, it is a Robux generator in the form of an application.

It is an app that will help you gain rewards that you can use for shopping virtually for your characters in the game, purchasing weapons, and increasing your overall gaming experience. Hence, by using this app, you can get your rewards.


  • Download – you can download the app through google play.
  • Publisher – the name of the app’s publisher can be seen while you install the app, that is – Son of Forspoken.
  • Size – the size of the app is 29.25 MB.
  • News- the app also has an option to get news updates.
  • Date of Update – the owners last updated the app on April 12th, 2023.
  • Price – no price is charged for using this app; it is entirely free of cost.

Does relax step give you Robux? If yes, then you must be thinking about the procedure to get Robux from here, do not worry; we will see how you can get it next.

How to get Relax step Robux?


If you want to earn Robux, then you can do so by following the steps that are given below – 

  • Gamers first need to install the app via google play.
  • Once you install the app, ensure that before using the app, you have access to a proper internet connection.
  • Open the app, and then you will be asked to enter your username.
  • After entering the username, you will be asked to confirm, and then the app will bind. 
  • A pop-up will appear, showing you to collect 100,000 Robux. You will find a yes button on which you have to click.
  • A small box towards the right side of the app will appear, on which you have to click.
  • You will see that you got the rewards. You can even multiply it by watching videos/advertisements.

Does relax step give you Robux? You can now check that out by following the steps that are given above.

Does relax step works?


The readers must be curious to know the answer to this question. After following the steps above, you will find an option that says redeem. We have researched to verify whether this gives you the rewards.

We found Mixed reviews as few said they could generate it while others felt it was not real. The users will be asked to watch 30 videos, but many need help to proceed after that step. Hence, for the majority, it did not work.

Is relax step legit?

The legitimacy of the app and the question on – does relax step give you Robux are inter-connected as the legitimacy will ascertain whether they give you the rewards. According to the research that we have conducted, the app provides you with Robux, but it does not proceed further when you redeem it.


The app asks its users to watch videos for redeeming and to get the rewards, but it doesn’t lead to those 30 videos reaching 100k Robux that must be watched, and very few of them received them. Hence, it could be a scam.

What are the user reviews?

Positive Reviews of the Users

  • A user has commented on a YouTube video saying that he got Robux through this app.
  • Another user has said that after redeeming, he was able to get the rewards.
  • 2000 Robux was claimed by another user using this app.

Negative Reviews of the Users

  • A user has reviewed, saying he could not watch the 30 videos to get the reward.
  • Another user has straight away commented, saying that it is fake.
  • A user waited for 23 hours but still could not get it
  • Another user also could not get anything after using it.


In this article, we saw that a few users had the Robux, whereas many were stuck while watching the video process and needed help finding where they could get the videos.

Hence, there are likely chances for it to be bogus. It is requested that the users be cautious. We hope you found this article helpful and do give us your comments.

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