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Ratings. 4/5. The latest Doctor Zhivago Boris Pasternak reviews will help you decide whether this historical novel is worth reading. In this article, we have provided our readers with a short glimpse of the book, which narrates the “Revolution of Russia” through a story. 

Doctor Zhivago is a book by Boris Pasternak which is in year 1957. The story in this book follows a character named Yuri Zhivago, a poet and a physician who fell in love with two women during the revolution. 

What is Doctor Zhivago Novel? 


In our Doctor Zhivago Boris Pasternak reviews, we will discuss what the story is about and what aspects it has discussed. Please give it a read.

This piece of writing by Boris Pasternak is a triumph in itself. It is one of the finest works of Russian literature that has stated the chronic political, social, and emotional situation of the Russia 20th century. It is a brief documentary of the conditions of humans during the Revolution period. 

The novel has gathered love, loss, and the struggle between personal identity. The best thought readers get while reading this novel is the existence of society and the purpose of one’s existence. 


In this book, the characters are struggling in all senses to make a place for themselves and getting defeated by the changing scenario. The writer has tried to reflect on the connection between humans across time and space. 

The novel highlights many aspects of human life, whether politics or love. It has given the readers a new perspective to think about the rapidly changing circumstances and the struggle of personal identity.


Despite receiving a controversial response, the narrator has gathered a lot of positive responses from the readers, because of which it was regarded as one of the greatest novels of the 20th century. Which also has been made into films like 1965 Adaption, directed by David lean. Which also won Five Academy Awards, one of which was the Best Picture award. 

Novel Theme

  • Theme: Historic Novel
  • Aspects of the novel – life, love, socio-political scenario during Revolution
  • Writer: Boris Pasternak
  • Published date: 1957 
  • Published Country: Italy

Characters of the books

When we are writing about Doctor Zhivago Boris Pasternak reviews how we can forget about its incredible characters. Here are the complex characters the readers will get to know: 

The main character is Yuri Zhivago, the narrator, and in this novel, he is a physician and a poet. Who fell in love with two women during the Revolution in Russia. In this novel, it has been shown how he faces problems in finding his place according to his personality.

  • Pasha Antipov is portrayed as a high-ranking official in the Soviet Government.
  • Lara Antipov is the wife of Pasha, and Yuri falls in love with her. The character is portrayed as a strong, independent woman with a bad past.
  • Alexander Gromeko is portrayed as a friend of Yuri and is often seen as sharing poetry with Yuri. He is an intelligent man who is a big workaholic.
  • Tonya Gromeko: She is the wife of Yuri and a mother to his children, who are loyal and devoted to her husband. Who is constantly seen fighting for her love?
  • Anna Ivanovna Gromeko: She is the wife of Alexander and a sister to Tonya. Who is also strong and independent, and committed to her family.

The story includes a very manipulative character named who is influential to white and red factions during the tumultuous situation of the revolution, Victor Komarovsky. He is seen as selfish and always ties his horns with Yuri and Lara. 

Read the Doctor Zhivago Boris Pasternak reviews?

The readers have mixed reviews about this novel which we have briefly described.

Positive reviews: 

  1. Readers have stated that it is amazing prose. The story has gathered huge appreciation for its lyrical and poetic quality, which gave a beautiful narrative to the Russian tragedy. 
  2. Many readers who love historical novels appreciate their accuracy. They believe that the narrator’s detail of the situation is meticulously portrayed, with many aspects like social, cultural, politics, love, and life.
  3. The best reviews it received are about the perspective it gives its readers regarding the complexity of life and the changing circumstances of the time. While going through the novel, many readers could connect to Pasternak, which made them think about the complexity of love and life. 

Negative reviews: 

  1. There are a few negative reviews that we have gathered which say that many boards have critically acclaimed the novel.
  2. Some reviews say the narrator has narrated the story so that readers might feel it is moving the quote slow as it has huge issues to address, and understanding the wide range of roles takes a lot of work. 
  3. One reader has opined that keeping track of the story’s happenings and the characters’ plot lines is difficult. 
  4. The readers have expressed dissatisfaction with the poet’s biases towards one political agenda. And the poet was a big critic of the Soviet Government, and the Communists mentality called him to demonize Communist Government. 


Thus, we hope a quick Doctor Zhivago Boris Pasternak reviews helped you understand what this novel is about, and now it might be a cakewalk for you to choose if you should go for this novel and invest your time in it. For further information, please write to us in the comment section below. 

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