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In this article, we are shedding light on a respected newspaper, Decatur Herald and Review, to narrate the same. This newspaper discusses the affairs that are happening all around the world. We can purchase this newspaper on its official site, or you can also read the online news flashing on its website. 

The newspaper, based in the United States, provides us with news regarding sports, entertainment, obituaries, etc. It gives us a detailed explanation of everything available in this newspaper for a better understanding of the affairs happening around the world. The owner of this newspaper is Lee Enterprises. In a newspaper contest, it bagged top honors in the report investigation and public service category. It is published in two forms: morning and evening. It would help if you paid a subscription for a small amount. To keep yourself updated, you will find this a great help.


This article is based on comprehensive details to understand the newspaper, Decatur Herald, and Review better to rely on it for daily news and updates.

What is Decatur Herald and Review?

The Herald and Review is a leading daily newspaper based in Decatur, Illinois. It provides us with breaking news, different events of sports & entertainment, criminal activities, and more. Besides information, it gives fundamental knowledge about community occasions and promotes plenty of informative advertisements. 

You can use this newspaper to reach out to the maximum number of people to grow your business or services. This company provides subscription facilities like daily newspaper subscriptions and also E-edition. You can install the mobile application of this newspaper from Google Play Store. 


Or can acquire complete detail about Decatur Herald and Reviews to realize its authenticity in this media world. Here we are attaching Specifications, Advantages, and disadvantages to acknowledge their genuine and valid news articles.


Contact – To contact the website, you can go through their connection us section. There are options like subscription, Newsroom, and advertisements to select every type of resolution.

  • Email: Not Found
  • Number: +1(217)429-5151
  • Circulation: (800) 453-2472
  • Retail Advertising: (217) 421-7920
  • Classified Advertising: (217) 422-5555
  • Today’s Deal: (217) 421-6969
  • Newsroom: (217) 421-6979
  • Obituaries: (217) 421-6922
  • Sports: (217) 421-7909
  • Online: (309) 820-3373
  • Announcements: (217) 421-7969
  • Address: 225 S. Main St., No. 200, Decatur, IL 62523
  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter.
  • Type of website: Newspaper, online media.
  • Subscriptions: Based on bill generation, you can pay off to continue the subscription.


  • Decatur Herald and Review provides genuine news to gather information about daily affairs. In life, we must know about the incidents to be aware of many things and find helpful information.
  • To participate in debates or extempore competitions in school or college, you must have adequate knowledge about the happenings worldwide. This website can help to stay updated.
  • News can help you succeed in your career; in many situations, you must explore current affairs to show potential in your work. 
  • You can access the E-edition of this newspaper from anywhere at any time.
  • The amount of subscriptions is also significantly less, so easily affordable.


  • The news on their site is so limited that E-edition is useful.
  • Its application has many errors, so it is challenging to use.
  • This news app is seeking permission to change settings in your device, which is a negative marking for them.
  • The application freezes most of the time when loading new updates.
  • Many news articles are popping up at a time, so you need to find the particular one you want to read.

Reader’s opinion on Decatur Herald & Review?

Users are happy with this media website as they can read the local news daily. Most of them find this newspaper easy to use as customers are getting all local information from one place, so there is no need to check other newspapers and articles. 


One customer found this website very useful. For seven months, that customer subscribed to this newspaper and was happy with the essential articles and satisfying printing quality.

Negative remarks are also visible on many sites. One customer who has been using this newspaper for the last fifty years now is not happy with the service of this newspaper. The size of the paper becomes smaller, divided into two timings. 

Another user also felt many issues with their advertisements. The newspaper deleted that customer’s advertisement without her knowledge, disappointing that user.

Is the Decatur Herald and Review worth to subscribe?


Per all the experiences and details shared here, this newspaper and website are informative to users. You can freely subscribe to this to stay tuned and connected to social events. The website has many features and options that help us find the proper one. The site is concerned with users’ needs and chooses relevant and genuine topics to forecast. Weather forecasts are also available daily.


Decatur Herald and Review is the most reliable one for updates. Plenty of topics are available for people of all ages. Everyone is getting a chance to upgrade themselves with the contents public. Our article helps you to decide the best among all.

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