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Now you can create your favorite attire on Customuse. com? Know and understand what this platform is all about. This site is dedicated to those who want to give their character/Avatar stylish and unique looks with various apparel in Roblox, zepeto, Snapchat, and many more.

The rewards the player owns are used in exchange for buying AR clothes designed by professionals, which will increase the fun of the game. Users can easily access it through the website or the web app, which is compatible with Android, windows, and iOs. 

What is Customuse. com? 


Many gamers around the globe are looking for a platform that can give them an ultimate look that will make their Avatar look as if it has been designed professionally. This platform does not ask for any paid subscription, just follow the steps and collect your costume.

There are multiple styles available from which the users can create their avatars and make them look powerful and skilled. The site consists of skin tones, clothes, accessories, and many more, so users keep visiting it. The popularity of this site has touched clouds since it started its operation. 


  • Object: Users get a chance to create their Avatar
  • Registration on: 24.04.2007
  • Expires on: 24.04.2023
  • Last updated: 10.04.2022
  • Available on Discord 
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What are the advantages of the site? 


When we talk about providing our users with a clear-cut picture, it is necessary to know the benefits attached to it. 

  • This is available to the users through the website, web app, and Apple store. Users can also create avatars for Snapchat, Roblox, Decentraland, Zepeto, and Instagram. 
  • After logging into it, users of this Customuse. com can enjoy creating their looks with the availability of unique styles designed professionally.
  • The users not only get a chance to enjoy apparel for their players, but the best thing is this the users get a chance to create and sell their designs on popular sites for virtual gaming. 
  • It is a site that provides access to its users to interact with the audience by providing face filters that are loaded with fun. 
  • To join the community, all the users must log into the account and wait a few minutes. 

What are the drawbacks? 

We have bought some of the drawbacks of this site to our user’s knowledge. Take a look: 

  • The website is very much complicated and needs adequate knowledge of technology. 
  • The avatars are designed in a very unprofessional manner. 
  • The users need to download the Zip file and convert it to use the Avatar on different platforms, which is difficult for many age groups. 
  • Most of the premium features and items are only for paid users. 

How to create a costume on Customuse. com? 

To make it simple for our readers, we will describe how to elevate your avatar style in the metal world. Take a look: 

  • Log into the official website. After that, it will put the user on the waiting list as the website is still in beta. 
  • The waiting list takes a few days, and there is no approximate time limit. However, the usual time is 3 to 5 days. 
  • Once the user gets logged in, all that the user has to choose is for which platform it is creating its Avatar. The options will include All platforms, Zepeto, Decentraland Snapchat, Instagram, and Roblox. 
  • The user can scroll down to some templates. 
  • The user can view the most popular and original ones according to their preferences.
  • After choosing the model, the user can customize it with all available options, like skin tones, outfit material, and accessories. 
  • After completing the personalization, the user has to download the zip, extract the file, and then launch it to the platform they are using by logging into the platform and uploading the image there. 
  • The user then needs to go to configure and save it. 
  • Users can put their looks on sale by going to the sale page, putting the outfits on sale, and winning rewards.

Is creating costumes for free? 


Creating your ideal attire in Customuse. com is entirely free. All that is required to access the fantastic collection is by selling your style and looking on the website with an option of “Item for sale,” as it rewards the users for selling the item, which can be used further to get the most stylish apparel. 

Is Customuse. com legit? 

The fact that this platform does not charge anything from its users but, on the other hand, provides an Elevated style to users’ Avatar, and there is no question of the website’s legitimacy arises.


The user’s response is not required to testify to the site’s authenticity as it is simply available, and no issues have been raised. Per our research and information, we suggest that users visit this site and get their hands on the best outfits. 


The website has 3D models that look realistic and can be personalized according to the user’s choice: the outfit’s color, the outfit’s material, and everything available on the template. The coolest update it has recently introduced is accessories that make the Avatar look funky.

We hope our review on Customuse. com is worth it and has clarified our user’s doubts. For further feedback, please write to us in the comment section below.

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