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Have you checked out Cricfree yet? This is the perfect platform if you are a sports enthusiast who likes to watch all kinds of sports. Trying out a new platform can be daunting as it raises several queries and concerns in your mind.

Our review of the website shall provide all the assurance you need and help you decide whether you should check the page. To facilitate it, let’s learn more about the functions and purpose of the site here.

About Cricfree


It is an online live-streaming platform wherein many viewers from all over the globe can enjoy the best of the sports world. They want baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, cricket, and more here. 

The website gives all the information about every small or big game happening around the globe in an organized manner, which is the first thing users see when they visit the page. It even allowed them to tweet about the matches directly from the site. Additionally, viewers can chat with people on the same platform and share their views. 


  • Purpose: Online streaming website for sports
  • Sports: Basketball, Football, Tennis, Cricket, Baseball, NHL, Boxing, and more.
  • Chat facilities available
  • Matches per timezone available
  • Sports channels streamed: Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2, and more.
  • Contact number: Not available
  • Email address (for users): Not found
  • Email address for copyright owners: 1li34d3tq1@eucd.eu
  • Address: Not available
  • Social media handles: No links found

How to watch it live?


The process is simple:

  • Visit the website, and select any sports from the category on the home page. 
  • Remember you need a video player like Adobe flash player to stream
  • Under the category section, you will see multiple links with time; select any one of them
  • Now you are ready to enjoy

You can also create a profile, chat live with other fans, and interact with them.


  • Users from all over the globe can watch different sports for free.
  • It is a haven for sports enthusiasts who enjoy games but cannot stream or watch each game.
  • Whether a game is big or small, it is available on the platform.
  • The site presents each game in a systematic order, and the games are scheduled to be held, which makes it easier for the user to navigate through them.
  • The site also lets users tweet about their favorite games or the latest developments of any match directly from the page without having to pause or leave mid-way. 
  • There is also a provision for users to chat with other viewers from all over the globe using the chat box given.
  • Users can even place bets as there are no such restrictions on this platform and they can use the chat box to place the bets.
  • In places where it is restricted, viewers can easily use it through a VPN. 
  • The matches from different sports channels, which are pretty famous, are streamed on Cricfree directly.


  • The structure of the website, to begin with, appears too amateur and responds quite slowly.
  • As mentioned, the links connect users to different sites, making it difficult for people to trust them for fear of getting into legal trouble.
  • Neither any contact details of the source nor any social media pages can be found through which people can connect with them.
  • It is not available in certain areas, further raising doubts and concerns about it. 
  • Even though specific rules have been laid down in the chat box to safeguard the users’ privacy, they are, however, regulations, and no mention of action to be taken against rule-breakers is mentioned.
  • Mirror websites with similar names can easily confuse visitors and make them choose the wrong ones. 

What are the viewers saying about Cricfree?


The reviews by users with prior experience with the website are nowhere to be found on the official page. There are no linked social media platforms to which this site is connected, so it has no digital presence. Therefore, knowing what the users say about the source has become quite challenging.

However, various third-party websites have reviewed the same, but their verdicts cannot be trusted, and the information they provide cannot be considered authentic. User reviews are essential not only to testify to the legitimacy of a page but also to attract more users to the site. 


But, if you have to summarize the reviews by third-party sources, many have termed it an authentic source that works. Some have even appreciated its simple structure, making it easier for users to try it out. 

Is Cricfree legit?

After analyzing the whole website and experiencing it ourselves, we conclude, it is legit. Even though there are no testimonials or feedback to support our verdict, and the site does not have any other existence apart from its official page, it serves what it claims to offer.


It is an online sports streaming platform that allows users to watch any form of sport from around the world. It has offered them this opportunity and charges no fee for it. Users who were skeptical about it before must have changed their minds now. And we await your comments in the comments section below. 

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