Cosori Air Fryer Reviews | Is Worthy Buying? [2023]


Read the latest Cosori Air Fryer reviews and then decide whether you should prefer it or not. In this article, you can find all the minute and essential details that can help you know about its features and specialties, and we are sure it shall make you eager to get one for your kitchen.

Although, it is a device best suited for health-conscious people. It helps you cook oil-free delicacies that are healthy and tasty. Even though various such fryers are available in the market, this particular brand has been in demand for some time.

About Cosori Air Fryer


This device is an electric hot air fryer that can help you prepare oil-free delicacies. In today’s times, when people try to adopt healthy lifestyles, such air fryers have become more of a necessity than a luxury. It is also quite convenient and takes twenty minutes to prepare food. It is a non-stick fryer and is 1700 watts.

Customers can get an air fryer basket, a recipe book with oil-free items, a warranty card, and more. It has a maximum temperature setting of 205 degrees Celsius. The temperature control feature it offers makes it a special one and sets it apart from the rest. You can find further details in the Cosori Air Fryer Reviews.


  • It has customizable resets and shakes reminders.
  • It cooks well faster than any other fryer.
  • It does not take up ample space and is ideal for the modern kitchen.
  • It has a detachable air fryer basket.
  • It offers eleven presets, which include desserts, steak, vegetables, and more.
  • The air fryer basket is dishwasher safe.
  • Colour: three different colors
  • Capacity: 5.8 Quarts
  • Material: Non-stick
  • Recommended Uses: Reheat
  • Output Wattage: 1700 Watts
  • 11 cooking presets
  • LED Digital touchscreen
  • Non-stick basket
  • ETL/UL Certified
  • Two years warranty
  • Weight: 11.9 pounds
  • Minimum Temperature Setting: 77 Degrees Celsius
  • Maximum Temperature Setting: 205 Degrees Celsius
  • Availability: Available on Amazon’s official website
  • Cosori offers various other types of appliances and accessories.


  • Contacts: Drop a message on their website by visiting the “Contact Us” option.
  • Services: It ships to 48 different states in the United States.
  • Shipping:  FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS for their deliveries.
  • Refund: Products can be returned within thirty days with a valid Return
  • Return: Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) Number
  • Social media: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest


  • Those who are health conscious can enjoy oil-free food.
  • It has eleven types of presets that are suitable for different kinds of delicacies such as desserts, steak, etc.
  • It offers non-stick material, which makes cooking or baking convenient.
  • It also provides an air fryer basket which is easy to be washed.
  • It is available on the official website and Amazon.


  • The preset cooking modes are only sometimes helpful and might feel like a waste.
  • There are no other options except for air fry.
  • The shake reminder, although practical, can be annoying for some.

What are the Cosori Air Fryer reviews by customers?


After going through their official website, experiencing their products, and conducting extensive research, we found that there have been some negative and positive customer responses. A user has commented that even though the device has been beneficial, the loud beep noise produced by it is pretty annoying. He further commented that the tray could be smoother to remove as one would want it.

However, he has added that despite all these little things, it is a fantastic product he uses daily. Another user has commented that almost ten thousand people have given it good ratings, which compelled him to buy the product. He further remarked that the device is quite handy, which is ideal for a large family.


Another user commented that there are some defects with the structure of the fryer, and the bolts at the two sides melt with high heating temperatures. However, he further suggests that this is a helpful device that can make the tastiest dishes if one finds the right heating temperature.

This product has received numerous high ratings, and on Amazon, more than 84% of customers have given it a five-star rating, 10% of the customers gave it four-star ratings, and only 5% gave it less than four stars.



Hence, we can say that the Cosori Air Fryer is essential for today’s modern kitchen and lifestyle. It is even more critical for people who are health conscious but also love eating tasty food. The Cosori Air Fryer Reviews have thus proven that it is a trustworthy product that can be considered a must-have for every household.

We hope you found our review helpful and would love to know your comments in the comments section.

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