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Yet another Robux giveaway website, claimrbx is trending. But is it legit and safe to use, and can it offer Robux without human verification? Let’s find out.

In Roblox’s growing popularity, this website came out to be a savior of the masses, we mean for the Roblox fans. We have also included the steps to gain Robux from this website; read the complete information below with our personal experience.

About Claimrbx

The website Claimrbx(dot)gg is a platform offering unmetered Robux, yet another site promising to offer several Roblox benefits. The website is not limited to Robux but also provides other benefits like Giftcards, Toy codes, Avatars, and more. It works in three easy steps: Sign up, earn, and Cash out.


We visited the site and found more than 2 million registered users and benefited and completed offers more than 4 million times. The site load limited Robux each day. It also has a YouTube channel uploaded on this site that shows live encash of the Robux.

However, all the information we described above is based on the information available on their site. And from here, we started our investigation to find out the hidden truth of it so that we can provide you the legit information based on the fact available below.

But first, let’s see its technical specification.


  • Website Presences: 1st November 2019
  • SSL: Yes
  • Website Origin: United States

Steps to get Robux from this website?


We followed the below-given steps to redeem the code:

  • Visit the website Claimrbx(dot)gg.
  • You will find a registration box at the beginning, so create an account.
  • Then it will ask you to select the device from options iPhone, iPad, and Android, like and save, then click next.
  • You will find a blue box that asks you to complete your profile, which includes gender, DOB, Ethnicity, and place where you live.
  • After completing the registration process, your account will get live.
  • That page also includes the multiple tasks and surveys you will be asked to take.
  • Each task and survey come with a fixed amount of Robux.
  • Depending on your choice, you can complete the task; we also did.
  • Finally, the time came when we waited for the Robux generation, and surprisingly it generated and delivered it to our Robux account.

Is the website legit?

We tried to research and analyze each aspect of Claimrbx and to dig out the fact. We tested this platform practically and surprisingly got 12 Robux. As you can see, the website was launched in 2019.

To find out more facts, we visited its YouTube channel to find if/any user feedback was available or not, and here also we found 500+ comments in the video mentioned below. The video has been viewed by more than 1 million times. 


In concluding all the facts, we can say that this platform is working, but we are not sure how long the website will work. We have summarised all the feedback of the users below. Please read it to know their point of view.

What are the user reviews?

The website has user feedback only on their YouTube channel; in the comment section, we found multiple reviews where most thanked the Claimrbx website for their service to offer Robux.

However, we also found such comments discussing restricting this site by Roblox. One of the visitors mentioned that if the Roblox know about it, then they will lock its access. 


One of the visitors also showed concern about if their gaming account will get inaccessible after using generated benefits. But in return comment, another visitor mentioned that he found no issue while using it.


Concluding, based on our practical and the reviews available on the social media platform, we can say that it’s working. But we will not suggest accessing these sites multiple times because who knows when your gaming account will get locked.

We always favor fair play and never support platforms that sour the gameplay with such activities. You can find legit ways to get Robux on this website.

Do let us know in the comment section what you think.

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