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The website chienthanroblox com is a Vietnam-based Robux provider platform that was created to offer unlimited Robux to Roblox players for nothing. Read the steps below to find out how to redeem.


We have enlisted a few important site characteristics to ensure that none of our readers stay away from the knowledge. It will thus help them decide whether they want to avail of its offers to help them be a better player.

What is chienthanroblox com?

As stated above, the site is designed keeping in mind the requirements of Roblox enthusiasts all over the globe. As is known to every gamer, Roblox games require adopting modifications that emerge at regular intervals. But to get the same, they must pay the Robux store visits almost regularly. The store charges them real-time money for every Robux they get.


But with emerging platforms such as the one being talked about here, users need not go through the hassle every day. They can log in to the website and complete the specified tasks by following the regulations. They can enjoy the rewards once they meet each criterion without being charged anything extra.


  • Purpose: To share as many Robux as the user demands 
  • Operating system required: Windows, XBOX, iOS
  • Method: Survey based
  • Contact details: No number available
  • Email id: Not accessible
  • Address: Not available
  • Social media links: YouTube 
  • Website origin date: 2022-12-17
  • Expiration date: 2023-12-17
  • Last date of update: 2022-12-17

What are the steps to collect and redeem Robux?

  • Land on the main web page through the URL 
  • The first page you’ll view will ask you for a username, which is the only information it shall require.
  • After you put it down in the assigned space, a page with various tasks will appear.
  • Your objective will be to complete and fulfill each mission per the regulations.
  • When you finish doing it, the site will successfully transfer all the rewards to your given account.


  • Chienthanroblox com is a Robux generator platform that prevents users from having to spend real-world money in the official web store.
  • No matter what sort of modification appears, such as outfits, weapons, and more, it can all be accessed with this site’s help.
  • There are no regulations or restrictions on the number of rewards one individual can access at a time, giving users a free hand.
  • Developers have thoughtfully kept the layout simple enough for even the youngest users to navigate through.


  • Only for Vietnam
  • Chienthanroblox com is not a new concept that has emerged recently, but is even viewed as a replica of several other such sources that are present.
  • Users have had a hard time locating any contact details. No matter how hard they tried, they could not find any.
  • Social media is unaware of the presence of any such website, and so are the public discussion forums.
  • When you launch the URL, the website does not function at times, which is a huge setback for the source.

What are the users saying?

Potential users are quite dissatisfied with the website’s failure to deliver its promises. However, no response can be found anywhere online. We conducted thorough research on the website and tried to find customer testimonials supporting its claims. 


The closest reviews we could find were available on YouTube. Users have asked the site to share the details for different Roblox items. Although it indicates that they trust the source, it is unreliable.

The third-party reviews that have tried to wrap up the discussion through their analysis have not done a very good job. Moreover, the number of such assessments is very low to begin with. But whatever details they provided all indicate that it is a scam. 

Is chienthanroblox com legit?


Per our analysis and our experience of the website, we are sure now that it is a scam. There is not an ounce of data that can prove us wrong. Users, no matter what they do, cannot find any contact details, social media links, or even basic information. The URL also fails to work, and a warning message pops up, which can be quite scary for users. 


Hence, as all the reviews and all the research work indicate the same fact that it is illegitimate, users must avoid it at all costs. Such websites can threaten the safety of one’s data, device, and privacy. We suggest our readers to practice caution. Our review of the websites was helpful, and we await your response in the comments section below. 

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