Buxrs.com | Robux, Giveaways, Reviews? [APR-2024]


People have shown high volatility towards the buxrs.com platform. However, many are still curious about the website’s description and how it can help them. Therefore, it is essential to cater to their demands and provide adequate information to help them decide.


To do so, we have prepared a complete review of the site and its features, highlighting how it can benefit our readers. 

About buxrs.com


The rapid pace at which new changes are being notified to Roblox users has created a gap between the platform and the ardent players. It is so because almost every modification or upgradation of gaming characters requires special abilities, skills, and outfits, which you must buy from stores through the in-game currencies Robux. But to achieve these tokens, one has to spend real-world money. 

Many people have shown discontentment with this characteristic, which has even made them detest the platform. However, using websites like the one being reviewed here, one can quickly grab Robux for nothing, as this site offers it for nothing.


  • Nature: To produce Robux for all users who visit without any charges.
  • Date of registration: 2023-02-22
  • Date of expiration: 2024-02-22
  • Last date of update: 2023-02-27
  • Contact Number: Not available
  • Address: Not found
  • Email ID: Not available
  • Social Media Platforms: Not present


  • To unlock the unlimited fun available on the Roblox platform, one needs rewards known as Robux, which can only be attained through such sites.
  • Those who quite successfully pass each step of token withdrawal can get their hands on it within no time as the website swiftly transfers them to the main account on Roblox.
  • It has helped users keep the online gaming platform from looting their pockets and also saved them from further detesting their mu h loved gaming source.


  • There needs to be authentic information presented about the website or the developer of the source, which could help users reach out in case of any queries or concerns.
  • As you type in the URL and click on search, it takes you to another unknown website which further sheds light on the illegitimate nature of buxrs.com.
  • The site’s main page displays no information for this source.
  • The registration date mentioned on trusted sources further reveals that it is a relatively new domain that cannot be trusted.
  • There are a minimal number of third-party reviews for this site, and no public discussion forum sheds light on the purpose or nature of this platform.
  • Social media links are also absent on the primary or other visited pages.

What are the feedbacks from Roblox users?


As we mentioned earlier, we looked far and wide for all the information we could find, but we were disappointed that only a few sources had reviews or brought their attention to this website. As a result, there are no user comments or remarks, which could have helped us develop a deeper understanding of the authenticity and efficiency of the site but also would have helped us provide our readers with pertinent information. 

Is buxrs.com legit?


After reviewing each minute detail available and trying out the URL, we can confidently say that it is not a legit website. The first and foremost aspect that throws users into a pit of negative experience is the site’s unavailability, even after using VPN. It takes visitors to another unknown source which might scare some people away due to the risk it poses to one’s privacy and data.


Hence, buxrs.com is known as a website that can assist Roblox users collect free Robux but still needs to prove its legitimacy to its visitors. Thus, it is a threat to many users, and we suggest they stay as far as possible from it. We hope our review helped you decide whether to go for it. We await your response in the comments section below. 

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