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Advertisements is a third-party Robux provider platform that assists Roblox fans in redeeming uncounted rewards for nothing in return. However, there are a few steps that need to be followed.

This website is similar to many others already in existence that promise to give players rewards they can use to get various in-game features. Due to the financial burden, many players who use legitimate methods of earning rewards have stopped visiting the official game, and only some gamers are searching for third-party websites and applications, but only if doing so won’t get them into trouble. 

What is


Consider that you are a Robux player who is still looking for a platform that gives rewards without making you spend finances. 

In that case, you have made the perfect platform choice because we are here to give you information on this third-party website that gives you small tasks to complete in exchange for a large sum of rewards. 


Roblox users can get on this platform with just usernames and passwords pertaining to the official game. It directs them to this reward-generating website’s homepage, where they can complete the tasks as needed and earn the necessary rewards to improve their gaming graph.


  • Objective: a source that offers rewards without the official platform
  • Date of the website launch: 2022-09-16
  • Date of its update:2023-09-17   
  • Date of its expiry: 2024-09-16
  • Social media platforms: Not available 
  • Email ID: not provided 
  • User care: Not found

What are the new codes?

Here are the three working codes for 2023

  • MOON2021

What are the steps to use the codes? 


The following steps have been broken down for you to make use of all the codes as mentioned earlier: 

  • The user needs to visit the site first. They must open the URL in their browser, Chrome being advised as being the most appropriate one as there are numerous copies and pirated sites attempting to con these players, and Chrome shows any virus, if any.
  • Black and blue will be the Bloxmoon homepage. The user will be prompted for two pieces of information where they need to provide the password associated with the official game and their registered email account. 
  • The user will next be prompted to select the type of device they use to access the website, such as Android, iOS, Windows, or Microsoft. 
  • Now, choose the codes from the list above that are still being accepted by the website and are currently in use. However, we cannot guarantee that it will still be there when you read this article. 
  • Add them by pasting them into the appropriate box. Next, select Redeem. 
  • Your upgrade items are now accessible for selection on the screen.


  • The benefits include a site that gives the most exciting deals, making it easy to forget to go to the official shop because it burdens people who don’t want to spend finances on updates. 
  • The site’s designers were thoughtful enough to make it manageable so that users of all ages, including those with minimal technical skills, could access it easily. 
  • On this website, getting started is quite simple and doesn’t require any instructions. It does not request the user’s email address or password. 


  • We looked for Bloxmoon to obtain the whole experience, and while we found information on many platforms, the particular website wasn’t found in one search.
  • The identity of the developer is concealed. Many people don’t want to trust because even the user support number and email address are hidden.
  • No social media platform exists where we can be assured that it is in contact with its users.

What are the user’s responses?

According to our research, there is no active platform where users can express their opinions. The website is quite amateurish and offers the option to “Login and sign up.” Although the website is for sale, numerous public opinion forums have listed the site, from which we can infer that it was functioning at some point, but we couldn’t find the working one. 

Is this safe?


Because of the disadvantages we’ve just mentioned, we advise our readers to refrain from using Bloxmoon, regardless of how many fantastic offers it has listed on the website. 

It is impossible to ask developers for assistance in an emergency involving data or privacy. There is no alternative method to continue to interact with the site that would have supported the site’s legitimacy. 


We advise our readers to look for an alternative to Bloxmoon. There are various websites, but we advise doing their homework before accessing them because there are many scammers on the market. Please leave your feedback in the section below if you found our review to be helpful, and please rate us so we can serve you the best.

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