Blox.Green Robux on Roblox [July 2023]


Thinking of ways to get Robux without any charge? Then is for you. You can use the rewards you receive here to play games on Roblox.

One of the reasons why Roblox is getting more popular is that it has many in-game elements to be purchased via rewards. Since many users cannot purchase, they look for these Robux generators sites, which allow them to have rewards without costing anything.



Below are the specification of –

  • Purpose – To offer unmetered Robux
  • Site Registered Date – 2021-06-12
  • Site Expiry Date – 2023-06-12
  • Contact – Not found
  • Country – Florida, US
  • System Type – Supports different systems like Android, Apple, etc.
  • Email – Not found
  • Address – Not found

What is

It is a robux generator site that allows users to use generators without costing a dime. Here, users get free rewards and can use them inside game stores to purchase the items they want.

The website is appealing and user-friendly and promises its users rewards in exchange for a few pieces of information and tasks to be completed. However, when navigating to this site, it currently shows domain up for sale.

What are the steps to collect Robux from ?

  • First, clear the cache and cookies by going to settings, clearing the cache option, refreshing the page, or pressing F5 to perform a hard refresh.
  • Visit the website.
  • Enter your Roblox username and navigate to the dashboard.
  • Here, users can see Robux offerwalls. Make a selection as per your wish and select an order from low to high or high to low per your need.
  • Click on the offers appearing on the screen and get the points.
  • Once sufficient points are accumulated, you can redeem them for Robux.
  • That is all required. You do not have to provide or do any further steps, and you can use the rewards gained here in the Roblox game.



A few advantages regarding the site are as follows –

  • No cost associated with using this generator.
  • The website is user-friendly and does not require a very high understanding.
  • Gamers only need to enter a Roblox username.
  • Players can use VPN or any other alternatives too to access it.  
  • The site takes the player to a dashboard showing multiple rewards that the user can select.
  • It uses an HTTPS connection and is a secure site.


Below lists out few disadvantages –

  • Currently, shows the domain is up for sale and needs to be fixed for getting rewards to be used in Roblox.
  • No human verification is required, making it prone to be accessed by any bots.
  • There is no information regarding the site’s whereabouts on its official site.
  • There is no support page of its own or other site or bots to help access the game. 
  • There is no Discord page to seek support regarding the game.
  • The website does not attract much traffic from players.

Is the website legit or not? uses HTTPS Connection, ensuring encrypted traffic between players and the website. However, it attracts only a little traffic as per Alexa traffic rank. The site is not malicious. However, there needs to be more information secured regarding this site.


The site looks suspicious based on legitimacy, reviews, user comments, trust scores, feedback, reputation, etc. We recommend our users use this site cautiously and beware of providing personal information.

Player’s opinions about the website

While we are pen down about the site, the domain is currently up for sale and not giving any rewards. Apart from us, many users have also reported on social media about the site being down. 

We found multiple sites and social media, such as youtube, reddit, and Discord servers, where users have reported about the official site giving available rewards and being able to redeem the rewards on Roblox. On the contrary, other players call it misleading as they completed the tasks but did not receive rewards afterward. 


Hence, there are mixed opinions from its users, and we recommend our users proceed cautiously to gain any rewards and refrain from providing much personal information.


The website is a Robux generator site that generates available rewards at no cost. This site is safe to be used and has been verified by multiple players earlier. The site is not running as usual, and the domain is showing up for sale.

However, the site uses safe methods for connection, and there is enough traffic from users. As soon as the site is running, users can also reach the site and test it out themselves.

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