Azzlee Reviews Based on 100+ Customers [๐‘ฑ๐’–๐’๐’†-๐Ÿ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ’]


Shopaholics who crave good fashion must have checked out the azzlee reviews. Those looking for such sources can refer to our analysis to quench their thirst for trustworthy knowledge. 


We have formed a precise analysis of the website and what it entails, including its features and how it can prove advantageous for the general public. Please refer to the full article for further information.

About Azzlee


By now, it is a source of delight for all who prefer shopping over anything else. As mentioned by several azzlee reviews, this site has been specifically structured, considering the fashion and style that contemporary women adhere to. 

On this particular platform, you can find all varieties, such as tops, skirts, jeans, trousers, and more, while enjoying the several perks and discounts that are persistently available. Be it any occasion or wish vent, you can be the belle of the ball without putting much effort into your looks. 

Let’s review the specifications

  • Website:
  • Purpose: Women’s fashion items, specifically outfits of different varieties
  • Caters to customers all over the globe
  • Time taken for processing: One to three working days
  • Time taken for Shipping: Eight to twelve working days 
  • Charges applied for Shipping: 12.99 dollars for UK & Canada, and other states; 9.99 dollars for the United States
  • Free shipping: Orders that are over the 79 dollars limit 
  • Order tracking is available for the placed order.
  • Code available: SS10, SS15,& SS20.
  • Contact Number: Unavailable
  • Email ID:
  • Address: Haiguang Building, No.33 Shuixian Road, Siming District, Xiamen
  • Social media links: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & Tiktok
  • Azzlee products available on Amazon

What are the pros of this platform?

  • As mentioned by various azzlee reviews, the first and foremost factor that has made it a huge success among women is the availability of a wide range of fashionable items beyond outfits only. 
  • The cost of each product is suitable for all budgetary constraints and can even be afforded by girls in colleges or schools.
  • The categories they have presented on the page and how they have segregated each item to make it feasible and convenient for the users have made it possible to look for specific outfits without having to look unnecessarily here and there.
  • With the inclusion of codes and various discounts and perks accompanying it, many women have shown a keen interest in using it and availing of the most fashionable products.
  • To satisfy their users and cater to their event needs, they have given them the scope to reach out across several platforms where they are constantly active. 
  • The structure and layout of the website are simple to navigate while maintaining the professionalism that the source wants to display. 

What are the cons of the source?

  • The source needs a contact number, preventing customers from contacting them directly. 
  • They may get back to the customers through mail, which, as mentioned by the website, can take up to more than twenty-four hours. If other azzlee reviews are to be believed, then it could take more time than that.
  • The availability of products belonging to this brand on powerful platforms such as Amazon could make users refrain from visiting this site.

Let’s analyze the customer feedback.


This particular website is spread across various well-reputed and frequented social media platforms. Therefore, we collected as much data as possible from the available feedback, which we have summarized and presented here for our reader. The azzlee reviews by customers have been given below for your reference.

Positive feedbacks:

  1. Many users on the social media platforms such as Instagram have appreciated it for the fun and chic styles that it has offered to its thousands of customers across the globe.
  2. Many have shown their contentment and excitement over each product’s available designs and fit.
  3. Some customers were even white satisfied and content with the services they were provided. More importantly, the time taken for each product to be delivered was so quick that it left them happy and amazed. 

Negative remarks:

  1. Some people expressed unhappiness and discontent with the products they received and even termed their poor quality and texture unworthy of being worn.
  2. Some have even mentioned that the product they received differed from what they were shown on the website, which caused them disappointment.

Is azzlee legit?


After considering the facts about the website, the numerous azzlee reviews by various trusted sources, and our experience with the platform, it is entirely authentic and authorized. Various factors led us to this conclusion, and we have mentioned each below:

  • They are available across various social media handles wherein they interact with their users and provide them with answers to their concerns or queries.
  • The ratings they received on trusted platforms such as Amazon are too high for the products to be questioned in any manner.
  • They have also received good ratings from trusted sources, proving their authenticity and legitimacy.


Hence, irrespective of what a few azzlee reviews suggest, one can easily trust the website to cater to their demands and stand true to its claims. It is one of the most valuable and efficient platforms for women’s fashion and must be tried. We hope our review was of help, and we await your feedback in the comments section below. 

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