Anime Lost Simulator Codes | Only Working Codes (2024)


Are you yet to experience the Anime lost simulator codes? If yes, then you are not alone. Join the bandwagon and learn all about it, which we are sure will make all the game enthusiasts quite delirious.

Many are looking forward to the amalgamation of Roblox with Anime, and this particular platform has tried to make it worth their wait. Let’s venture into the source together and explore each facet in detail.

About Anime lost simulator codes


As stated earlier, the fun enjambment of two different but equally thrilling worlds, such as Anime and Roblox, can be fun for many. In this, you can find a variety of characters that resemble some of the most famous anime characters we have already witnessed.

Each player in the game shall aim to choose a worthy player and confer on it the necessary upgrades and modifications that can make them tough to beat in a fight. With the help of the mentioned codes, one can easily grab a few such modifications and give their gaming progress a great leap ahead. 

What are the latest Anime lost simulator codes?

Before we unravel the codes further, a few basic points must be kept in mind. There are two distinct types of codes, those that are currently available and those that are outdated. 


With each new release, the existing ones go out of use, making them invalid. However, the ones that are now accessible and must be tried out by all have been given herein:

  • SHUTDOWN1: Get three potions along with it and also a few gems.
  • 7KLIKES: Now get a huge sum of fifty gems and two existing potions.
  • SORRYFORBUGS: With this code, get the chance to grab One-hundred twenty-five gems and two of the available potions.
  • 1.5klikes: Grab five gems and have the best time playing.
  • 1MilLosts: Now get your hands on hundred gems and more than three boosts.
  • UPDATE1: avail twenty-five amazing gems and two of the most useful potions.
  • ByeSlidingBig015: Twenty-five gems can be availed along with new boost features.
  • Release: This code allows those who want some gems to get more than 25 easily.
  • IHATEBUGS: Get the golden opportunity to get thirty gems and all the potions you can find.

Another important point to remember is to enter the name of the codes in the exact format given herein. Any discrepancy in the code structure can lead to failure in the redemption of the codes.

How to redeem Anime lost simulator codes?

Knowing what such sources entail is not enough and can only be fulfilling if experienced for real. But to make that true, one must be well acquainted with the steps properly. 


We have presented here all the basic steps for our readers to get familiarized with:

  • Visit the official Roblox website, where you can locate the game being mentioned here.
  • On the right corner of the displayed screen, you can view an icon shaped like a feather. Click on the said icon.
  • Enter the code in the manner stated above.
  • Navigate to the redeem option and click “Enter.” 

You can now avail the advantages that ride along with such codes and make the best of the platform you are using. 

Where can I find more promocodes, updates and giveaways?

As mentioned earlier in the article, the codes keep transforming with time, and new ones are introduced to users hooked onto the platform. However, the major concern that still lurks and haunts users from all over the globe is to land upon the perfect source that provides them with trustworthy information regarding the new upgrades and modifications. 


Certain official platform is vigilant enough to inform users each time an Anime lost simulator codes appear on the scene. One of the most faithful sources for the said codes is the official page on Discord. 

It is not only a space where you can find all the data and recent news regarding the platform but also creates a haven for all users to mingle with people like them, who are fans of the source, to meet and have discussions.


To sum it up, the Anime lost simulator codes benefit those who crave Roblox and Anime and wish to remain entertained through this platform. We hope our review was helpful in some ways, and we await your response in the comments section below. 

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