Airbnb Pet Friendly? Check Out The List (May 2023)


Are you looking for an Airbnb pet friendly stay for your vacation? We will guide you through this article and fill your mind with all the knowledge about Airbnb that allows pets. Airbnb’s are trending for staycations. People book this place to enjoy their vacation like they are staying at home. 

Airbnb’s extremely popular in the United States, and the majority prefer Airbnb more than hotels and resorts. In this article, we will provide you best pet-friendly Airbnb underneath.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnbs are like vacant homes, and the owners of that homes mention them on Airbnb so that they can earn and rent their place out. It is much cheaper and gives a home vibe to many customers. Hence, it is quite a popular staying destination that people look for. If you’re traveling with your family, this is the best way to rent a home. 

Airbnb pet friendly rules


Some pet friendly Airbnb pools are available through a filter option in the application. According to Airbnb pet rules, Rental homes charge extra for allowing the pet on their premises. It is a one-time Airbnb pet fee for maintaining the home and cleaning after the tenants have moved out. 

There are only specific Homes that allow pets to stay. To check whether your desired location has per allowance or not, you need to contact the landlord of the place. 

How to find Airbnb which allows pet on a phone application and a PC?

  • Download the Airbnb application from the iOS or Play Store. Or, if you are using your pc, visit the website
  • Enter your credentials if you already have an account on Airbnb.
  • If you’re a beginner, sign up and create your account.
  • Enter valid email id, contact number, and relevant details.
  • Now go to the search bar.
  • Enter your desired location.
  • Go to the filter option and click on it.
  • Find home rules in the filter option.
  • Search for pet allowance. 
  • Click on it and click on apply.
  • You will now be directed to Airbnb pet friendly.

If you want a ‘pet friendly Airbnb with pool near me,’ You can add the pool option from the filter and enter your location, click on apply, and you will get your desired location.

Is it worth booking an Airbnb for pets?


From our thesis and personal experience, we want to declare that Airbnb’s the best platform if you are willing to travel with your paw friend. If you are hesitant about anything, call the host before arrival. 

Clear your doubts with the owner, and allow yourself to relax with the pet. Let yourself sulk in the beauty of nature. 

Pet friendly Airbnb Michigan

There are lots of Airbnb pet friendly homes in Michigan, United States, that allows pet at affordable prices. We are listing a few-

  • The granary in Northport
  • The caterpillar in Detroit
  • House farm with lake view in Groveland township.

Pet friendly Airbnb Asheville NC


Looking for pet friendly Airbnb in Asheville, we have mentioned a few below:

  • Malvern Phoenix
  • Modern eclectic dwelling with mountain views
  • Pure Vida

In Houston, Texas

  1. Eclectic home in Montrose (from USD 85)
  2. Lovely apartment in trendy Montrose (from USD 73)
  3. BOHO loft in Montrose (from USD 59)
  4. Spacious midtown unit (from USD 96)
  5. Studio apartment in East Montrose (from USD 68)
  6. Lovely single-family home (from USD 110)
  7. Cute Montrose studio (from USD 69)
  8. Superb home in downtown Houston (from USD 150)
  9. Cozy studio in downtown Houston (from USD 60)
  10. Modern townhouse in midtown Houston


The above details give a brief idea about homes. Suppose you’re wondering ‘how to find cat friendly Airbnb near me. Click your location on the search, and you will get millions of options. We are sure that our viewers have the idea of how to book a staycation that allows your furry friend. 

Nowadays, booking an Airbnb is like having a home feeling at your desired destinations. And it’s a cherry on the cake if your Airbnb pet friendly or rental home allows your cute little paw friend. Please share your thoughts on this in the comment section below.


Do most Airbnbs allow pets?


Yes. Many Airbnbs now have a pet allowance, but you must pay a one-time pet fee for home maintenance after departure.

Can you bring pets to an Airbnb?

If you cannot live without your furry friend, don’t worry. Airbnb has got home.

Where is the pet filter on Airbnb?

The filter for pet allowance is present under the home rule section.

Can Airbnb charge for animals?

Yes, they charge for allowing pets. It is a one-time fee for home maintenance after your departure.

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