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Do you know the Networth of Abbey Wilson TikTok influencer? Get all the details about this personality, including personal life, controversies and insight details.

About Abbey Wilson TikTok influencer

Born in the United States of America, she is a well-known personality on the famous social media app – TikTok. She has around 546 thousand followers on this video-making platform. She is known for her influential videos on this platform, where she has 6.8 million likes. 


Abbey Wilson, the TikTok actress, is also known for being a production manager in movies like Death in Paris and two other films. She is most popularly known for being searched for the hottest girls in America in 2010.

On her Instagram handle, she often posts about her twin daughters. She also keeps visiting Casa Aramara, a private estate in Mexico. She also has a Mexican friend named Vanessa. Let now see other details of Abbey.


Full NameAbbey Wilson
Net WorthThe model, who is also an actress has a net worth of 300$
Date of BirthShe was born in 1988 on 31st March
Place of BirthShe was born in Edmond, United States of America (U.S.A).
Relationship StatusShe is currently single
ChildrenShe has two daughters who were born through IVF
ProfessionShe is an actress, producer, and model.
Known forShe is known for her fame for appearing in the search for the world’s hottest girl in 2010.
MoviesShe is known for producing movies like Jon Snow, Investigating Diana,  etc.
Social MediaShe can be found on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

This is the biography of Abbey Wilson TikTok fame. Let us now see about her professional life.

Professional life

  • The actress is known not only for her influential videos on a popular app- TikTok- but also for being a producer manager for a few movies. 
  • She is most widely recognized for being searched as the hottest girl in America. She is well known for her fitness too.
  • Her familiarity with acting gained her 500 thousand and above followers on the video-making app – TikTok. 
  • Her list of movies where she worked as a production manager includes Investigating Diana, among others. 

Before we move on to – Abbey Wilson TikTok, let us see who is the current boyfriend of the model.

Who is the current boyfriend of Abbey Wilson?

Given the popularity of the Abbey, the readers must be curious to know about her love life regarding the details of her boyfriend. The actress, who has 39 thousand followers on Instagram, is not dating anyone. She dated Joe Francis, who is an entrepreneur and is also known for creating the Girls Gone for 12 years.

Together they have two daughters who were born through IVF. The alleged pair did not marry each other and broke up in 2020. Thirty-four-year-old Abbey Wilson TikTok actress, named their daughters – Alexandria and Athena. 

Abbey Wilson controversies


We will now see if the model, who is also an actress, is involved in any controversies. The readers must know that the actress is currently not dating anyone and is single. She was blessed with two daughters and her ex-boyfriend from her previous relationship.

In the year 2020, the model, actress – Abbey Wilson and Joe Francies put an end to their relationship, and they did not marry each other; and post that, she was involved in a controversy where she was accused of kidnapping her daughters from her former boyfriend.

This controversy arose when she did not drop their daughters at her boyfriend’s place during Christmas in 2021. She even stated that he was on drugs when they broke up. She also said that he was abusive due to taking drugs.



Let us now see what all accomplishments were achieved by the model, who’s national of Mexico and America. Most people recognize her for being searched as the world’s hottest girl in 2010 for the USA. 

Apart from the success she got through her fame by having 6 million likes on TikTok, she even has twin daughters, who currently stay with the actress. 

She even has a few films to her credit for being a production manager for those films. She has also been a post-production manager for the TV program Jon Snow.

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