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As per, the website offers giveaways, the latest promocodes, and free unmetered Robux. This article will let you know the steps to earn it and whether it’s a legit platform.

This currency serves the purpose of buying in-game items that can help elevate the pleasurable gaming experience. Users can easily get it from the Roblox store by paying for it. However, with this website, users no longer have to pay fees. They can get the currency for free.



Many gamers all over the globe are seeking ways to earn more in-game currency without having to pay for it. These users have now found a new platform that offers them Robux free of cost and can help them improve their game. The popularity of this website has grown with time and frequent visits. 

It offers users Robux but only after completing a survey on the website. After answering the survey, the users shall receive a mail while playing the game which can help them access the free currency. The reviews have elaborated on each aspect of this website. 

How to get Robux from this website?


The various reviews that are available have indicated that this website is a third party and does not have the legal authority to send out free in-game currencies. However, the steps to get Robux from the website have been given here in an organized manner:

  • Users first have to visit the website using their username.
  • Then, they must select the device they use to access the website.
  • In the second step, a list of options containing the number of robots shall appear on the screen.
  • Users need to select the amount they need and proceed.
  • After selecting, they shall have to take a survey, after which they can access the free currency.


  • Various websites offer free in-game currencies, but this is an exception, for it offers free currency not only for free but by simply answering a survey.
  • It offers Robux to users based in the United States.
  • It sends a message to the users in the middle of the game.
  • There is no contact information available on the website.
  • The website does not contain the email address, address, or social media platform details which can offer some assurance to the users. 
  • The website has also been blocklisted and cannot be accessed through laptops or other systems. 
  • The parent or website in which it is based, Roblox, however, has a legitimate website and is available on various social media platforms. 

What are the benefits of this website?

Based on the analysis given above, there are certain benefits that this website offers. The website has also taken into account these factors, which have been given below:

  • It offers in-game currency Robux for free.
  • Users only have to complete a survey to access the free currency.
  • Users do not have to go through a tedious process to access the free currency.
  • It can help gamers better their gaming experience.
  • It can help them purchase items inside the game that they otherwise would have been deprived of.

What are the drawbacks of the website?


Many others have stressed the various drawbacks of using this website, and these factors are stated below:

  • The website is suspicious and asks users to answer a survey.
  • It asks for personal information, which can cause more harm than good. 
  • The website is blacklisted, which arouses suspicion about the authenticity of the website and also makes one concerned about the safety of their data and privacy. 

Is the website legit?

The fact that it is a third-party website that does not charge anything for a currency that costs money when purchased the right way gives rise to suspicion and makes one question the website’s legitimacy. There is also a need for more reviews that can testify for the website. It is better to go for something other than this website and avoid it.

What are the reviews by the players?


It is challenging to find reviews about the website as it does not work correctly on many devices, and there is also a need for authentic sources from which one can gather all the information. However, a few reviews from various sources on the Internet say that this website does not work correctly and is a scam that can cause harm to the computer as well. 


Roblox is an online game in which a new currency Robux is used to make purchases. However, to avail of these currencies, you have to pay for them. It offers this currency for free. However, these currencies cannot be accessed as they are not legitimate. The various reviewshave mentioned the same as well. 

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