Idle Berserker Codes – Recent Updates (June 2023)


Redeem the latest idle berserker codes and unlock all the features and halts to lead the game. Also read the alternate ways to collect and redeem the promocodes.

However, it is still engulfed by various misconceptions. It has kept its numerous perks under wraps and has made users incapable of redeeming them. We are set upon decoding its features minutely, which will bring their real purpose to the reader’s attention.

About Idle berserker


It is a thrillingly adventurous game where gamers must set on quests for diamonds and other riches. They must explore the dungeons while battling off all the mobs in the game. But in this game, they will also have the ability to possess certain items that can elevate their chances of winning. For example, they will be equipped with specific armpits that would allow them to fight back stronger and establish themselves as winners.

Apart from that, certain exclusive in-game coins can assist in purchasing other essential items for the game. The role of the codes is to confer on users similar rewards that can help them attain the desired level pr position in the game. 

The main reason developers share it across multiple platforms is to help gamers get a headstart. It will also keep the main game interesting enough for users to visit.

What are the latest idle berserker codes?


As suggested above, when the game teaches upon a specific milestone, the game’s codes are prizes to the gamers. The two types of code, the active and inactive ones, have distinct purposes to serve. The first category is the one that is available for the user, and the second consist of those that have already done the deed. 

Therefore, follow our compiled list to know which works effectively. These are as follows:

  • IDLE0611, IDLE0618: It lets you lay hands on Necklace Summon Ticket (30), Normal Companion Summon Token.
  • IDLE0609, IDLE0615, IDLE0613, IDLE0619: Get access to weapon and gauntlet summon ticket and normal companion summon a token
  • IDLE0612, IDLE0614, IDLE0616: It allows you to get five skills summon tickets and a normal companion ticket
  • IDLE0610, IDLE0617: getting five creatures to summon a ticket is not as impossible as it was before. Avail of normal companion summons tickets as well.

How to redeem idle berserker codes?


Our attempt here is to keep things as organized as possible for our readers. But to make it even simpler, each step is highlighted in a detailed manner here: 

  • Venture into the main gaming source.
  • The menu option shall be easily viewable at the topmost part.
  • Within that section, you can see a gear icon. Users must go for the settings option 
  • Users must detect the accounts icon that is present in the same box.
  • There is an option specifically for coupons in the Accounts Infor Tab.
  • You must click on it.
  • Type the code details into the space provided therein. 
  • Click on the confirm option. Be at the receiving end of all perks. 

Remembering that one must put down the codes in their specified layout, as presented here, is vital. Users can copy it from here and paste it into the space provided or take references from here.

Where can I find more promo codes, updates and giveaways? 

There are certain goals of landmarks that a game has to achieve. It is upon attaining these aims that it adopts the required upgrades. However, the developers of idle berserker codes try to send these out upon the occurrence of an update. Other ways have also been termed effective and efficient in doing the task. 


One amusing method is to display it all in the description section of the game. IT will make the announcement appear on the first for a direct view of the users. They even try to share as much information as possible on their respective sources on the internet. It further indicates staying active and relevant on Discord, Twitter, and other handles. 

Some third-party sites also try to enlighten gamers to their best potential, but relying solely upon their knowledge is never advisable.


Hence, idle berserker codes hold huge relevance and importance in gaming. We suggest our dedicated readers go for it and ace idle berserker. We hope our review was of help, and we await your comments in the comments section below.

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