Codes for Anime Adventures | Only Working Codes [May 2023]


Check out the latest codes for anime adventures. You must have one if you are a true gaming enthusiast. But for others who are still new to this, we have prepared a detailed analysis of what it is and what it offers.


But first, we must know what makes the game a fun platform. In this game, players get the combined experience of many enthralling and popular online games that have been users’ favorites for a long time. 

About Anime adventures

Under this game, all that a player has to do is select a few of the popular anime characters and employ them to guard their bases. It is quite an exciting and nail-biting experience that enthuses players. 


However, the most fun thing about the game is that it allows players to select anime characters of their own choice. This feature has its pros and cons. For example, the most in-demand characters need to be easier to get your hands on. When the players face such a dilemma, they take the help of such redeem codes.

What are the latest codes for anime adventures?

With new updates and changes in the game, players are conferred with new and exciting codes. These codes bring along with their features that keep the users hooked to the platform. With time, new codes are constantly introduced to users of the only game. However, to enjoy these fully, we must make our readers aware of them.


Therefore, the latest codes that have been introduced are as follows:

  • GRAVITY: Players can get their hands on 250 gems through this code.
  • NEWYEAR2023: Users can get hold of 500 gems using this code.
  • CHRISTMAS2022: You can get almost 500 gems with this code.
  • PORTAFLIX: Avail 250 gems to be used in the game.
  • CHAINSAW: It is one of the newest and offers 250 gems. 
  • kingluffy
  • toadboigaming
  • noclypso
  • fictionthefirst
  • subtomaokuma
  • subtokelvingts
  • subtoblamspot

It is essential to note here that users can only avail of the codes or redeem them if they use them in the way mentioned here. Misusing the term or entering it in a manner different from what is given here would lead to failure in redemption. 

How to redeem codes for anime adventures?


Players can use a few easy steps to redeem the codes. All the steps have been given here in a simple manner for a better understanding of the readers:

  • Visit the official page of Roblox.
  • Select Anime Adventures.
  • Then look for the floating star on the page, which says “Codes.”
  • Now put down the code you want to redeem or have received.
  • Next, click on the option that says “redeem.” 
  • Enjoy the rewards you have earned. 

Where can I find more promo codes, updates, and giveaways?

  • Those who wish to know more about the latest updates, promo codes, and giveaways can keep up with them by joining the official chat group on Discord. They can find all the mentioned information and more in the Announcement channels. There they can find all the newly announced codes as well. 
  • There are also some dedicated pages and portals that offer all the required information in a detailed manner to help users find the help they need.
  • However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that several such platforms need to provide authentic information.
  • It is essential to verify the information gathered from unofficial sites and not trust them blindly to find more codes.


Anime adventures is an online gaming platform in which famous anime characters are used as guards to protect the bases built by players. The codes for anime adventures help select the most popular ones that are hard to get. Therefore, users need to know about the active and expired codes. We hope we were able to cater to your demands. You can drop your comments in the comments section below. 

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