Bloxearn | Robux, Hourly Giveaways, Referrals [2023]

Robux is crucial for each Roblox fan, and that’s what Bloxearn does. It offers hourly giveaways, uncounted Robux, and many other benefits.

This article will discuss how true it is and let you know the steps that help you get free Robux, gift cards, and promocodes. Please read the full article below to understand each point because we have shared our real-time experience with this website.

Importance of Robux


A Roblox fan knows the importance of Robux because no matter if you are creating a game, participating in an event or a game, or leveling up the Avatar, they require Robux. During gameplay, when an Avatar needs to boost its EXP, buy new outfits, or upgrade weapons, Robux is required.

In this way, it is the only way a player can upgrade or level their Avatars. Apart from Robux, players can only fulfill their requirements by participating in seasonal offers, events, or promocodes. One can also ask for Robux from their friends as it’s a great feature that a player can donate or borrow Robux from another player. 

What is Bloxearn?


As mentioned above, it is a platform that offers unmetered Robux, gift cards, and promocodes. The site has a very simple design and includes all the information; you can earn Robux and other benefits by playing simple, easy, short online games. The more you play, the more you collect a Robux, 

The website says they are one of the best platforms providing more Robux than its competitors. You can also visit their social media platforms, i.e., YouTube, Twitter, Discord, and Instagram. They also run hourly giveaways and quizzes on their Twitter, Discord, and Insta account. The website is run by Swift#8771 group.

Website statistics:

  • 1.9M+ Users
  • 1.7M+ Robux withdrawn to date
  • 1.4M+ Stocks of Robux still avaialble


  • Existence date: 05-29-2019
  • Renewal date: 05-29-2023
  • YouTube channel: Swift, Bloxearn
  • Instagram account:
  • User reviews: Yes

How to get Robux?

The method works in three primary steps: enter the username, complete any given tasks, and get the Robux for withdrawal or exchange it for a gift card. Let’s see the steps in detail:

  • Visit the website Bloxearn; you will see a message earn Robux “Enter username.”
  • Enter your username, proceed, again click on “Yes,” then proceed
  • You will be directed to a page where you will see two options, “Offerwalls” and “Socials” both will contain anonymous options like AdGatemedia, Offertoro, YouTube, Discord, and Instagram.
  • If you choose Offerwall, you will complete the task, including watching videos, downloading applications, or playing any random online game.
  • If you choose Socials, you will be asked to subscribe to their social media account or share it.
  • You can choose anyone one of it to proceed.
  • After accomplishing the tasks, you will get a fixed amount of Robux, which you can either withdraw or exchange for a gift card.

Other Options


You can also visit one of the categories provided at the top left corner, which includes:

  • Earn: Here, you can check the overall Robux collected by you
  • Withdraw: You can withdraw Robux from private or group server
  • Promo codes: Enter the promo codes you won during the tasks to collect Robux
  • Tasks: Perform any tasks and complete them to get the benefits
  • Giveaway: Take part in the hourly giveaway participation for extra rewards
  • Leaderboard: Check out the leaderboards who all are leading and have already benefited

Is the website legit?

The website’s legitimacy can only be determined from personal experience or if it has user reviews. In the case of Bloxearn, we found multiple social media accounts, and apart from their 2 YouTube channel, we didn’t find any users feedbacks. Those reviews we got are enough to predict it is a safe platform. 


However, we found many negative reviews and feedback where players mentioned not getting Robux or facing issues during withdrawal. To know what they say, please read the user reviews below.

What are the user reviews?

During the research, we found many comments by the visitors where most said that they are not getting Robux even after collecting it. But many users mentioned that you could only withdraw Robux after collecting a minimum amount. Many were also happy with the hourly giveaways and Robux earned from referrals.


Although we found mixed user reactions, we can predict Bloxearn is a safe platform. By the way, surely, each player or visitor doesn’t need to get Robux. In our experience, we received 50 Robux, do share your feedback in the comments section below.

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